Causes Of Adult Acne


If you are one of those people who thought that acne was only a teenage bane until you saw them on your face even in your twenties, then this article is a must for you. What are the possible reasons for adult acne, read on to know.

Causes of acne

- If you remove facial hair, the skin tissue swells, thereby sending acne causing bacteria that enter the skin cells deeper into the pores.

- If you are in your 20s, do not experiment with new cosmetic products. The preservatives and ingredients in them challenge your skin, damaging it to a great extent.

- Do not sleep with your makeup on. Always wash it away before you go to sleep as clogged pores are prone to break outs.

- Change of environment challenges your skin, thereby producing zits. Carry a gentle face wash and use it whenever you are in a new place.

- A high carb diet consisting of sugary snacks, soda or deep fried stuff will give birth to pimples. Consume more green veggies and plain water instead.

- Not many realise this, but your cell phone is a haven for bacteria; after all, you touch it with dirty hands, hold it against your sweaty face, allow others to use it, etc. And when you talk on it, your phone comes in contact with your cheeks… a place where you usually find a pimple breaking out. Solution? There are mobile phone sanitizers available in the market nowadays which you can buy. If you find them too heavy on your pocket, then you can also pour a bit of your regular hand sanitizer on a cotton ball, and gently clean your phone. But a word of caution here: use the hand sanitizer sparingly lest you ruin your expensive gadget.

Phones are a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria

Mobile phones are a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria

-  Stress leads to breakouts. Yoga or meditation for even 20 minutes a day will help you calm down your nerves, thereby avoiding pimples.

- Quit smoking. It imbalances your hormonal levels and challenges the immune system, leading to breakouts.

Post this article, we’re sure you’ll agree that adult acne has more to do with a bad lifestyle than simply bad skin condition.

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