Cheat Sheet For A Smooth Complexion


In order to have a flawless skin, many women opt for foundation, mousse, soufflé and other cosmetic products. And many a times, one major mistake that these women commit is applying makeup inappropriately. If you see any lady with too much powder or patchy makeup, it is mainly because she lacks knowledge on how to apply makeup the right way.

While some women fail to wash their face properly before applying makeup, many others go overboard in applying it. This is why their skin ends up looking dry and patchy in a couple of hours.

Here are a few tricks to help women apply makeup that will last longer and give a smooth complexion.

Say yes to primer


Primer is a lotion or cream that helps makeup last longer. It is applied as a foundation layer to hold on to rest of the makeup. It does not allow mascara or eyeliner to smudge around your eyes. It also hides the oily texture of your skin and makes it look smoother. Mac, Palladio, Clinique are a few brands that have primers in their list of products.

Apply the right foundation

It is important to apply foundation that suits your skin tone. So, take time to select the apt one. Purchase a foundation shade that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Also, remember to apply it in an upward motion. Move your fingers around your cheeks in a circulatory movement and reach up to your forehead. Making downward movements will eventually make your skin look saggy.

Moisturising is important

Before you apply primer, make sure you apply moisturizer. Aloe vera and coconut based moisturisers are highly recommended for best results. Using a toothbrush or damp cotton, rub your lips to remove dead cells. Apply moisturiser on your lips as well. This well help the lipstick stay longer without your lips getting dry.

Use concealer

Concealer helps to hide dark circles and reduces the ashy look under your eyes. In this way, your skin will look clearer and it can help to highlight your eyes beautifully. For Indian skin tones, orange-coloured concealer can be the best option.

Use blush only if it’s necessary

It is best to ditch blush and give yourself a subtle look; but if it is necessary for you to use blush, remember to smile while applying. When you smile, the apple of your cheeks will lift, making it easy for you to apply blush in that area. Choose the right colour depending on your skin tone.

Now that you know the essentials of applying makeup that can last longer; here are a few brushes that might come handy during your makeup session.

Blender sponge

Blender sponges are available in elliptical shapes

Blender sponges are available in elliptical shapes to help in reaching out to areas that can be easily avoided while applying makeup. The tip of the sponge allows the person to apply makeup on areas like the edge of the nose. This tool is a must-have in your makeup kit.

Eye lash comb

eyel;ash curler

Buy eye lash comb that has its teeth or bristles generously spaced because you have to comb your eye lashes before and after applying mascara. Comb your eye lash in an upward movement before applying mascara and gently give it some extra combing after applying mascara. In this way, your eye lashes will stand out perfectly to emphasis your eyes beautifully.

Blush brush

Foundation brushes are thicker while blush brushes are less thick comparatively.

Many women use the same brush to apply foundation as well as to apply blush; this is not the right way to do it. Foundation brushes are thicker while blush brushes are less thick comparatively. Blush brushes help in using the right amount of blush for your cheeks. Therefore, use the right brushes for the respective purpose it is meant for.

Eye shadow brush

A thin brush can be used to apply eye shadow

A thin brush can be used to apply eye shadow; but, if you are not comfortable using brushes, you can use the tip of your finger. To get a smokey look; it is advisable to opt for a thicker brush. Any colour cannot be used as eye shadow. Understand the colour combinations of your outfit and your skin tone and match it with the perfect eye shadow colour.

Lip brush

Lip brushes give a fine line of lipstick on your lips.

Lip brushes give a fine line of lipstick on your lips. While applying lipstick directly, it can easily get smudged or come out of the line; this can be avoided by using lip brush. It helps to evenly apply the lipstick on your lips.

Now, you are all set to get ready for your next occasion. Be the stunning diva whom everyone envies.

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