Cheating on your diet plan helps lose weight


Fitness has become an important part of many people’s life today. While some prefer going for an early morning jog, some people prefer exercising in the comforts of their home, sweating it out at the gym or stretching their way to fitness at an aerobics class. While exercising is important for staying fit, following a strict diet plan is crucial. There are some fitness conscious people who exercise as well as follow a dietary schedule, while others prefer either of it. The hard part of dieting is that the person has to say good-bye to pizzas, cheese, chocolates and other delicious but fatty food items.

But, when we are not ‘supposed’ to eat something, we want it more. This is how many people lose control and eat food that is not part of their dietary plan. Let’s face it; no one can continue a diet routine consistently. Sometimes, we feel like gobbling some cookies or probably a delicious cupcake. Those people who cheat on their diet chart need not worry anymore, because experts say that cheating can actually help in weight loss.

So, if you think that cravings and temptations are crossing your way, here’s how you can take a break from your routine diet plan.

Make a list

Prepare a list of forbidden food that you like the most. Include any food item that is strictly not allowed in your diet plan. It’s not possible to eat all those that are mentioned in your list in one single day; so, let’s prioritise by circling the ones that you are craving to have at the moment. Next, you can strike out food items that are comparatively rich in calories. If you are finding it difficult to choose between pizza and chocolates, compare its calories and strike out the one with more fat content. The one with least calories is going to be your priced possession of the day.

Make it a special occasion

You have followed a strict diet plan for quite a long time; therefore, enjoy and treat yourself with little cheating. Don’t sit in front of the television or the computer; distractions are not entertained. You need to savour the delicious taste of your favourite forbidden food, so don’t distract yourself with any form of external participation. Relish it slowly and satiate your taste buds.

Relish your cheat food slowly

Relish your cheat food slowly

Divide the time

We know that it might have been a long while since you tasted one of your favourite foods. Sometimes, this can mean that you cannot control yourself and end up wanting to eat the entire box of chocolates or the kind. If you cannot resist your temptations, help yourself by dividing your time. You have an entire day to excuse yourself and savour your forbidden food, so divide your day for an entire chocolate box and take breaks before you finish it.

Don’t cross the line

Once in a while, cheating is good. But, don’t cross the line by indulging in too much of high calorie food. If you cannot take control over the situation, give the responsibility to your spouse, sibling, friends or parents. They can help you by hiding your food. But, don’t desperately go sniffing like a police dog to find and gobble the hidden food.

Spring into your diet shoes

Now that you had an entire day to take a break, it is time for you to get back to your diet plan. The next day, be prepared to continue from where you stopped. Also, cheating on your diet plan does not encourage you to do the same on a weekly or monthly basis. This is supposed to happen only on days when your cravings are at its height.

But here’s a word of caution: Sometimes, cheating can backfire. If you end up eating abundant food without giving a damn, you are ruining the idea of having a cheat day. For example, choosing to eat a cutlet means you have consumed 300 calories. And to burn it down, you will have to end up puffing and panting on your treadmill for at least two hours. So, even on the cheat day, remember you are dieting.

Even on a cheat day, control your portions

Even on a cheat day, control your portions



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