Choose The Right Shade Of Highlights And Lowlights For Your Hair


While going for a change of colour in hair, we have 3 options – highlights, lowlights, single process (also called global) and double process. Once you know what type is best for you, the only thing left is to choose your perfect shade. We’re sure everyone knows that hair colour is picked keeping in mind your skin undertones and complexion, but things are a little bit complicated when it comes to highlights and lowlights. While selecting them, you must not only keep in mind your skin tone, but also consider your natural hair colour. It’s true that highlights have the ability to change your overall look without the dramatic overhaul. They bring depth and life to otherwise dull, limp hair. Similarly, lowlights add dimension and soften your features. But here’s the catch, if you pick the wrong colour for your highlights or lowlights, you may end up looking like a wannabe! Ew!

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The key to sporting great red-carpet worthy natural-looking gorgeous hair is careful selection of your highlights and lowlight shades depending upon your natural hair colour. Here’s how to choose the best shades for your hair colour: 

Black hair with red highlights looks amazing on most complexions, highlights and lowlights,

Black hair with red highlights looks amazing on most complexions

For black hair: Girls with black hair usually have cool undertones, so try to opt for a mixture of chocolate brown or caramel highlights and rich copper lowlights to add warmth to your face. It will also make your hair look brighter. You can also go for burgundy and red streaks, but ensure you keep that minimal.

get caramel and honey highlights-lowlights like JLo's if you have dark brown hair, highlights and lowlights,

Get caramel and honey highlights-lowlights like JLo’s if you have dark brown hair

For copper or brown hair: If you aren’t sure whether your hair is a very dark blonde or a very light brown, it’s most likely a copper (which is a mixture of the two). Go for auburn highlights and honey lowlights to enhance your facial features and avoid looking too flat. Brunettes or girls with medium brown hair could easily pull off a variety of blonde highlights strategically placed along the lengths of your hair. Copper highlights would also go well with darker hair.

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highlights in coppery tones and beachy blondes look great on auburn hair like Emma Stone's, highlights and lowlights,

Highlights in coppery tones look great on auburn hair like Emma Stone’s

For auburn hair: Since you have a flaming auburn mane, you may have to stick to warm colours otherwise your hair would look flat and overwhelming. Either choose colours in the same auburn family but a few shades lighter, or go for any orange-toned shade. Coppery tones and beachy blondes may also look good on you.

Reese Witherspoon - the quintessential blonde!, highlights and lowlights,

Reese Witherspoon – the quintessential blonde!

For blonde hair: If you have naturally blonde hair that borderline on pale white, opt for lowlights in a deeper blonde. This will give you a sun kissed look making your bleached-blonde hair look beachy-blonde. If you are the quintessential blonde like Reese Witherspoon, go for shades in the same family but lighter.

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So now that you know what highlight/lowlight shades works best for you, go and fix the appointment! That’s right, you may have tried a single process DIY, but this job is better left to the professionals. Until next time!

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