Choosing A Career That Makes You Happy


No one has made it successful without facing this dilemma at some point in life.  Whether you are right out of college or stuck in a job you’d rather not do, you are looking for that one thing that will change your life forever. After all, all of us want to live the dream stemming from Confucius’ thought – Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

But the big question is – How to choose a career that is self-satisfying as well as liberating? The questions we put together below will help you spearhead your efforts in the right direction; and arrive at a decision about the right career for you.

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What Are Your Hobbies/Interests


A hobby as a career is the best thing one can do

We wait to do what we love to do; quite literally. If you love to paint, you would rush to your brush and palette even if you’ve had a rough day at work. If writing sets you free, you’d grab your notebook and pen, the minute you find time to spare. This is because your hobby soothes the mind making you feel fresh. That’s the beauty of a hobby. Now think of it as a career. How you’d love if you could do it all the time as a career!

What Are Your Attributes


Introspect to know what your attributes are

Attributes are what you’re born with. If being compassionate is your thing, you’ll have a natural soft corner for certain categories of beings that inhabit the planet. If you are courageous, you are born to set the wrong right. Born with a nerve for adventure? You want to challenge all limits. Sit down, introspect, and write down what you pride yourself on. These attributes could define the future career prospects for you. You could be a social worker who loves to be a helping hand to needy or a cop who takes on challenges to eradicate evil and set things right.

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What Are Your Skills


Analyse yourself to know what skills you excel at

What is learnt and is perfected with consistent practice is a skill. Pottery, carpentry, farming, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, public-speaking skills, mentoring skills, people management, project management, etc. are skills you learn your way on, from schooling to college. It is important you analyze yourself on this aspect and know what you excel at. These will be the building bricks for a great career.

What Returns Do You Expect From It

pay or passion

What are you looking for from the career you want to make – satisfaction, knowledge or money?

This is utmost important – knowing what you expect from the career. You could be looking for satisfaction, knowledge, or money. If it is monetary gains you aim at, you could look for a high-profile job in accordance with your skills and attributes. However, if money is not a constraint, and you just wish to travel or write a book to fulfill your dream, you are free as a bird to do your heart’s bidding without much ado.

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Choosing a career is not something you do every day. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you do not regret it later. If need be, take advice from friends and family, or consult a career advisor. We wish you luck!

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