Guide to choosing coloured liners that suit your skin and eyes


Move over the black kohl; women all over the world are going bananas over coloured eye liners! The dark back line surrounding the eyes only brings the attention to our early morning ‘I-am-still-half-dead’ face. We for once are ever so thankful to the coloured eye liner trend that’s doing the rounds since a while. But when we went about asking for the ‘how to’ and ‘what to’ of the coloured liners, we realised not all people are game to trying it. Mostly because they are unsure if a pop colour would suit their skin tone. So here we are! Sticking to our colour-is-better-than-black attitude, we bring to you the best guide you will ever find about how to use coloured eyeliners for various different complexions and which liner goes with which eye colour. Read on!

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Opposites attract

Turquoise eye liner

Turquoise eyeliner 

When choosing a coloured eyeliner, keep in mind that warm skin tones and brown eyes look better with saturated colours like cobalt, navy or denim blue. Ocean colours like forest green and shimmery turquoise also suit darker eyes. Fairer tones and lighter eyes look beautiful with warm shades of liners like orange, pop pink, bronze, rust, and chocolate brown. Green eyes can be accentuated with a fusion of pinks and purples, magenta and deep maroonish mauve would also look good on green eyes with wheatish complexions. Hazel or honey coloured eyes go wonderfully with green and brown eye liners. If you have more transparent eyes like amber then we are definitely jealous of you, because gold is your colour! People with freckles may also use a gold eye liner with minimal makeup without hiding the freckles as they tend to glow in the liner’s golden sheen.

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Stick to the lash line

Purple eye liner

Purple eyeliner

While using colour on your eyes, make sure not to stray far away from the lash line as it might give you the look of a 12-year-old trying on mom’s makeup. Makeup experts advise starting from the inner corner of the eye and gradually moving outwards in a single stroke. Be sure not to shake the head too much.

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Less is more

Green eye liner

Green eyeliner

Yes, too much of anything is not pretty. If you really want your eyes to get the focus then wear minimal makeup except for the nude lips and pretty colourful eyes. A little bit of bronzer and cream blush should be more than enough.

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