How To Complement Your Makeup With Your Outfit


Makeup is a great blessing. It not only helps guys and girls who wear it feel better about themselves, but also helps them highlight their natural beauty. But there’s something called as makeup gone bad; and when that happens, this is what you get:

makeup complementary with outfit,

Don’t ever try to match your makeup with your clothes… You’ll end up like this!

Frankly speaking, it’s hard enough not knowing what foundation or concealer is the right shade for you but beauty sure comes at a cost. And the cost is, knowing how to complement your makeup with your outfit. The biggest misconception that we have at large is that makeup should match your clothes. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Your makeup should never match your clothes but complement it. If you’re still confused here’s a simple explanation:

makeup complementary with outfit,

Take a cue from this colour wheel as to what makeup goes well with your outfit

Look at this colour wheel. In a colour wheel there are 3 primary colours, and several secondary and tertiary colours. The principle that helps you complement your makeup with your clothes is to pick your outfit first and then go with makeup that has its complementary shades.

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So if you’re wearing a red dress don’t wear red makeup along with it. Instead, pick the complementary colour for red (which is green) and see if you can work with it. No, I don’t mean wear bright green eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick but a little bit of greenish eyeliner with smudged black or dark brown kohl should do the trick. Also it is important to take a look at your skin undertones. If you have cool undertones, pick bronze and brown along with a touch of green for your red outfit. On the other hand if you have natural warm undertones, go for a soft grey smokey eye with a hint of green kajal near the tear ducts in your waterline.

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The idea is to balance out the overall look. You don’t have to use intense colours in your makeup but a neutral shade with a hint of the complementary colour. For example; when wearing an outfit in shades of blue, you wouldn’t want to wear orange makeup just because that’s the complementary colour. Instead, pick a taupe nude shade of eyeshadow which has a very light orange tint to it, or go for a nude makeup look with light or medium peachy or orange-ish blush-on.

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I’m hoping now you have a fair idea as to how to complement your makeup with your outfit.  So go out and grab eyeballs!

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