Concentration Building Techniques For Children With ADHD


Are you apprehensive whether your child suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or are feeling nervous regarding his future, if your child has already been diagnosed of this disorder? You can be rest assured that there is no need to panic, since it can be set right with daily exercises, efficient parental guidance and visits to the doctor for regular checkups.

Children with ADHD find it difficult to pay attention or concentrate on one thing

Children with ADHD find it difficult to pay attention or concentrate on one thing

For those who would like to know what ADHD is, it is a disorder in which a child experiences difficulties with paying attention to or concentrating on a particular activity. This results in hyperactivity, lack of attention and impulsiveness. These symptoms usually become noticeable by the age of six to twelve, and require at least six months for a child to be diagnosed with this disorder. But thankfully there are many concentration building techniques for children that can help them overcome the disorder.

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If your child has ADHD, here are a few activities to start with, to help him/her:

1. The Coin Game: This game, besides improving attention, memory and concentration, is a favourite among the children because it is fast-paced and enjoyable. Make a simple pattern with coins of various sizes and cover it with a cardboard and then ask your child to make the same pattern with some more coins. Keep a stop watch handy to maintain a track of the time that he takes to make the pattern. Jot down the time that he takes each time to play this game on a sheet of paper. When you notice that he is able to make the simple pattern easily, start with difficult patterns. You will notice your child’s memory and concentration improve gradually.

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2. Mind-Body Integration: Tell your child to sit on a chair without moving. Initially, it will be a difficult task for him to focus on attempting to sit on the chair, since he will get easily distracted because of his hyperactive mind and inability to concentrate on one task at a time. However, do not lose hope as it will improve with practice. This exercise strengthens the connection between the body and mind, thus, improving self-control.

3. Relaxation and Positive Imagery: Teach your child deep breathing and encourage him to do it with positive visual imagery to help him learn and improve on new skills and perfect him imagination. This exercise will also ensure the improvement of his attention.

Activities such as solving a puzzle can help children with ADHD build concentration

Activities such as solving a puzzle can help children with ADHD build concentration

4. Puzzles and mind-games: Play with your child games like jigsaw puzzles, hide the dominoes, crosswords and word search to build and enhance his attention, concentration and memory power. For every puzzle that you play with him, note down the time taken to solve each one. When it becomes easy for him to solve it, move on to a more difficult one.

5. Establish eye contact: Hold your child’s attention by maintaining eye contact to improve his concentration and attention. Initially, he will avert his eyes but he will become more comfortable with time and practice.

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As practice makes perfect, doing the above exercises regularly will bring about a rapid change in your child’s behavior till he is able to overcome the ADHD disorder. There are several children who had once suffered from this disorder, but grew up to be like their peers. So, don’t fret. Just support your child with the necessary exercises and medications prescribed by the doctor, and see him turn out to be as healthy as all the other children of his age.

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