Conventional books are done; it’s time for the e-book generation!


Although the invention of the printing press has been one of the greatest developments in the history of humanity, you have to agree that the invention of the internet has lessened its significance. Over the past 20-25 years, things have changed so much. Written documents have been replaced by soft copies, buying and selling is done online instead of the traditional market place, and the best development of them all… e-books!

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Bookshelves take a lot of space at home

Bookshelves take a lot of space at home

Oh, how good it feels to have a library of books in your hallway; but how convenient has it become? In today’s world where tabs, laptops and PCs have replaced huge book shelves, you really are missing on so much free space in your house, aren’t you?

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Letting go

Reading a book on a iPad is much more convenient

Reading a book on a iPad is much more convenient

Think about it, there are so many downsides to printed books, yet most of us are just not ready to let go of it, are we? Conventional means of doing things may be classic, but time brings change and you need to flow with it! For instance, it’s like saying I’d rather travel by a Mumbai local instead of the Metro even though you know the Metro is more convenient for you.

Problems with physical books

Printed books are just uncomfortable in some situations. For instance, keeping a book open by using your hand for long hours may make your hands feel tired, I’m sure you’ve experienced it!

Reading on a bus has become much more convenient!

Reading in a bus has become much more convenient!

Travelling with books is a problem too. In a train, bus or a car, reading a book is clearly more difficult. The problem of holding the book open may arise in a bumpy car-ride, holding the book straight while you have to grab on to your seat on a bus – these are some struggles that may arise.

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Carrying books around is one more problem. Imagine, you’ve embarked on a journey, to travel around the country, and you want your best friends with you – your books. You’re necessarily going to have to carry a good load of your books in your backpack as you travel the country… troublesome much?

Paper waste is one more issue. Trees are getting chopped down each day for paper and if you can avoid encouraging too much of this, you should! How? Read on!

So what am I suggesting?

Kindle is another electronic e-book reader you can invest in

Kindle is another electronic e-book reader you can invest in

The suggestion is simple, and trust me, convenient! Invest in a portable electronic device. A laptop may not always be convenient, and if you like reading while you travel, carrying your PC around is not at all possible… funny thought though, :P . Instead, the new thing that’s popular when it comes to reading e-books is a tablet, iPad or Kindle! With adjustable backlight and an adjustable font size, a tablet, iPad or Kindle can be a good one-time investment to keep your reading interest alive even after you’ve run out of books to read.

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There are plenty of books you can buy online or even download for free! All you got to do is recharge your tablet/iPad, download your book and get to reading it! It won’t get more convenient than this… or will it?

I’m sure when emails became the fancy kid on the block, many people back then were unsure whether the jump was necessary and whether the usual telephone or fax would be best. See what emails have turned into today – the main source of communications for businesses and personal contacts too! Although telephonic conversations and fax has not completely died off, communication has become more convenient with emails, hasn’t it?

The same applies to e-books! Best thing to do is embrace the convenience it brings along instead of sticking to the conventional. Ditch the physical, march on to the virtual world!

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