Cover up those un-flattering dark circles


Even after a whole night of shut-eye, you look into the mirror and find a puffy-eyed tired woman staring back at you. We have all been there, and the shadows under the eyes just keep deepening and darkening. But thankfully, there is nothing a little bit of makeup and beauty regimen can’t do. Follow these tips to fight the shadows away and emerge victorious, illuminated.

 Hydrate and moisturize:

hydrate moisturize

Drink lots of water and always use a moisturizer. Apart from helping in easy application of makeup, it will go a long way in your beauty regimen.

Remove the puffiness:

puffy eyes

Simple home remedies can help you get rid of puffy eyes. Hold two cold spoons on your eyes for a few minutes or make cubes with crushed ice and cucumber juice and rub them around your eyes. You may even use cold teabags to get the same effect.

Prime your skin: This is a very important tip for makeup enthusiasts who wish to camouflage their dark circles. Always use a primer before applying makeup, it will help smoothen out the lines and the makeup would not look cakey.

Choose the right foundation/concealer:

Dark circles

Using the perfect shade of concealer or foundation is important as it may make or break your final look. A shade too light may give you a greyish tint, on the other hand a darker foundation will emphasize your dark circles. Try to choose the right shade of foundation by checking in sunlight.

 Do not rub the foundation in the skin: While hiding the dark circles never pull at the skin, it makes the foundation seep into the pores and clog them resulting in blackheads and making the skin dull.

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