DASH Diet: A Healthy Way To Lose Calories Faster


If I told you that it is possible to shed all the extra inches that you have put on during the recent festive season (gorging on all deep fried savouries and sugary sweets), just in time for New Year celebrations, that too without hitting the gym, would you believe me? I hope you do, because it really is possible! Yes, a new diet that has taken the whole world by storm has been proven to help lose weight faster but at the same time in a healthy way. The said diet – called DASH diet – is said to have been developed by nutritionist Marla Heller, for a whole different reason.


The Dash diet has gripped the whole world for it's ability to aid faster weight-loss

The Dash diet has gripped the whole world for its ability to aid faster weight-loss

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. At first, one would think that this diet is only for people with hypertension or those with high blood pressure. But surprisingly, its amazing ability to help people lose calories quickly turned it into a bestseller diet. Not only this, but a panel of U.S. doctors and health experts also voted this to be the healthiest diet for almost everyone (and for all health concerns!) And now the same angel disguised as a nutritionist has come up with The DASH Weight Loss Solution, her newest book that helps people lose weight quickly and in a healthy way just in time for New Year’s or the Christmas party you waited a whole year to attend.

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If you’re excited to know how to lose weight with the DASH diet, keep scrolling down!

First of all, unlike other crash diets, which can have an adverse effect on your health, this one is scientifically proven to boost health. With this diet, you’ll easily drop a dress size and flatten your tummy while also firing up your metabolism.

So how does it work? Instead of counting calories and fussing over fat, the best way to lose weight is to focus on the type of foods you are eating. The key is to choose lean proteins and healthy fats. If you’re going to try this one, include moderate-sized servings of each of these 3 food groups in all your meals.

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Group 1: Protein-rich foods low in saturated fat

Lean meats

Fish and poultry

Beans and lentils

Soy foods


Unsweetened yogurt

Group 2: Heart-healthy fats, rich in Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids


Vegetable oils, e.g. olive oil, rapeseed oil, rice bran or canola oil and nut oils

Group 3: Protein-rich food but those containing healthy fats



Fish and poultry

Raw veggies make for healthy snacks and also help fire up your metabolism

Raw veggies make for healthy snacks and also help fire up your metabolism


Eat the aforementioned food stuff in moderate quantity for 14 days (3 meals per day) along with a snack of raw vegetables in between, keeping your sodium intake in control.

Do not skip any meal or snack as you need to keep your blood sugar level steady.

Another important thing – and this will make you jump in joy – is that you must avoid any hardcore challenging fitness activities. A 30-minute light activity is more than enough.

Go to bed earlier. This may prove difficult initially considering your unhealthy lifestyle but think of it as pre-jump-start prep.

Drink plenty of water and fresh juices. 8 glasses of water, a serving of vegetable juice/fresh fruit and a herbal tea (green tea, lavender tea, chamomile tea) is ideal.

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Avoid your favourite caffeinated beverages. No tea/coffee or soda for 2 weeks. If that’s impossible, stick to one small cuppa per day.

Avoid starchy food like potatoes, corn, bread, pasta, rice, and other starchy roots.

Avoid milk and fat-loaded milk products like butter, sweetened yogurt, ice creams, etc

Do not be anxious about losing weight faster, and give your body time to get used to the new lifestyle.

Don’t cut out salt altogether. This program can be dehydrating and you may lose a lot of fluid in the bargain, so keep sipping on water all through the day.

Refer to this chart that shows the ideal calorie requirement for men and women and how to make up for it using the DASH Diest plan

Refer to this chart that shows the ideal calorie requirement for men and women and how to make up for it using the DASH Diet plan

Moving on, once you’re through with the 14 day jump start, it’s time to move to phase 2. In phase two, you should continue to eat some protein and plenty of vegetables at every meal — but you can start to add wholegrain to your diet in small quantities. Increase your activity level by doing aerobic or zumba along with some toning exercises. In this phase, your body has become used to the dietary habits that you developed in 14 days, so you may feel you are losing weight much slower. But look at the brighter side – you will continually keep losing weight until you reach your ideal weight. Phase two can go on for life and this way you will have developed a much healthier lifestyle along with having lost all the calories that you picked up during the Diwali holidays.

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