Date Ideas For Couples With Infants


Being a parent can really take a toll on your dating life, especially if you have infants to care for. Some of the problems parents with small kids face while going on dates are exhaustion, finding a babysitter, and staying away from your kids for too long. But making date nights a priority is really worth it, because it helps you get closer to your better half.

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Outdoor date

Here are 5 cool date ideas for couples with Infants:

Enjoy A Themed Movie Night Indoors

A themed movie night can be a lot of fun. Simply pick a movie, plan a theme to go along with the dinner, a wacky activity after the movie and you are good to go.  Pretty simple and a lot of fun too!

The Exercise Date

A great way to spend time with your loved one and get fit while you are at it! You could take up couples’ Zumba dance classes or work out together indoors. If you are really adventurous why stop there? Hire a Mixed Martial Arts trainer and kick some a** together!

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Challenge Each Other To A Game Of Chess

Board games are an easy way to connect with your partner. A little competition is great and lets you take some time off from the norm and unwind. Add a few homemade Margaritas to the mix with a side dish of chips and you are good to go!

Create An Exquisite Dining Destination At Your Dining Table

Feed the little critters and send them off to bed, and here is where your adventure begins! Light a few candles, make some homemade pasta and serve it with some wine to magically teleport you to Paris. And if Italy is on your mind, bake some saucy and cheesy pizza! When it comes to ideas here, the sky’s the limit!

An Outdoor Date

Tuck the little ones in their strollers and head out for a walk in the park, just don’t forget to take your better half along too. It’s the perfect outdoor date as not only can you keep a close eye on your kids, but also you get to go out and stretch those calf muscles! You both could also enjoy sitting by a lake and feeding the ducks or a walk on the beach if there isn’t a lake nearby. The choice is yours!

We hope these dating ideas help give you an idea on how to rekindle that romantic spark in your relationship. Good luck and have fun on your dates!

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