Dating Advice: Don’t Stay Friends With An Ex


don't stay friends with an exSo you’re all heartbroken these days because the breakup still hurts? It happens with everyone. Now let me warn you beforehand, if you’re planning on extending a hand of friendship in the hope that it will ease your pain a little – staying friends with an ex just doesn’t work. I know it’s really tempting to keep a window of hope open for the one you’ve loved so dearly, but it will prove to be a major obstruction a few months down the lane. Here is our take on why you should not try to remain friends with an ex-lover.

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- The most blatant reason is the self-induced torture. Why do you want to have a ‘just friends’ conversation with him just to realize that he is no longer yours? What you actually need to keep reminding yourself in such times is that things happen for the good. So it’s time you gracefully accept it and stop living in denial.
- So you both have decided to start afresh as friends? What do you plan to do about all those inside jokes, nicknames and bedroom memories? Just imagine how awkward or confusing it would be for both of you to stay friends after your breakup.
- You won’t be able to keep the pangs of jealousy at bay. It would tear your heart each time to see your ex-partner trying to hook up with someone else. Isn’t it better to stop keeping yourself updated on their love life and lead a life of your own?
- We are humans and we unfortunately lack a switch-off button for our feelings. Give your love some time to fade. Staying in contact and browsing through his pictures is going to confuse your heart like hell. Maybe you two can strike a chord of friendship in a few years’ time when you both are happy with your respective partners.
- Mutual friends who have witnessed your PDA in the dating phase will tend to feel awkward when the two of you are present at a gathering post-breakup. Plus, some may also think ill of you by coming up with a theory that your ex is a standby now, just in case you don’t find someone worthwhile.
- Staying friends with your ex may not send a good signal to someone who looks forward to a future with you. Don’t lose someone who loves you today for someone who loved you in the past.
- Scratch out the angle of friendship and move on if you want to find true love at all. Sticking to your past in the hope that one day things might go back to being the same will not bear any fruit.

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While blocking your partner on Facebook after your breakup sounds kiddish, it’s obvious why you wouldn’t wanna come across his randomly sexy photographs in your news feed time and again. Block his thoughts from your mind by blocking his posts from your news feed. Don’t stay friends with an ex; it may take some time to overcome the pain but it’s worth it.

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