Dating An Extrovert Girl? Here’s What You Need To Know Beforehand


You approached her after mustering up all your courage, made small conversations and have been seeing her for weeks now.And of late, you feel like she’s the girl of your dreams. However, there’s one major (nerve-wrecking) difference between the two of you – while you like to stay in the shadows, she loves the limelight and all the attention! We’re not trying to make you think twice before asking her out, but here’s what you need to know before dating an extrovert girl.

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It’s true that opposites attract. So it’s completely normal for you to be attracted to her bubbly, charged-up persona. But don’t weigh yourself down thinking you’ll have to match up to her energy. Just because she’s an extrovert doesn’t mean you have to be the life of the party yourself, she doesn’t expect you to!

If you're dating an extrovert, be prepared to go on frequent adventure trips!

If you’re dating an extrovert, be prepared to go on frequent adventure trips!

She loves challenging activities and may sometimes ask you to accompany her. Be ready to have a go at stimulating and adrenaline pumping sports like rock climbing, water rafting, scuba diving, and bungee jumping!

She loves to try new things, new cuisines, places, etc. Her idea of a date would not necessarily be at the 5 star restaurants down town. She’d rather try the day’s special at the new Malaysian eatery that sprung up last week.

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Conversing with her will never be a problem. Why? Because you may not have to think what to say, as she loves talking! Once you make her feel comfortable around you, she’ll rarely give you a chance to talk ;)

She won’t play mind games. An extrovert girl knows what she wants and asks for it. So if you’re afraid that she may keep you guessing about what goes in her mind, rest assured she won’t. If she really likes you, she’ll tell you upfront and even if she doesn’t, you’ll know.

An extrovert girl partying with friends, dating an extrovert,

An extrovert girl is the life of every party!

She loves meeting new people! It’s her way of recharging herself. Meeting and being around people gives her a sense of being and stimulate the part of her brain that makes her feel refreshed and energized.

If she’s low or upset (which will happen rarely if at all) the easiest pick-me-up for her is hanging out with her best friends. So you know what to do if she gets sulky – just call her bestie andsurprise her together!

She might say too much at times. Since she is such a chatterbox, you must understand that sometimes she may not really think before talking, so if she ever says something that hurts you, she did not mean it.

She has many friends and even more interests to keep her busy, so you know she won’t rely on you for everything. She’ll have lesser expectations from you, but that doesn’t mean a text from you won’t light up her face J

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So now that you know what to expect, go ahead and ask her out, because if you don’t… she will!

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