Dating rules for surviving a new relationship


Every relationship is different from the other. Whether you have been in a relationship recently or not, your new relationship is always confusing in the beginning. Not knowing what to do when is pretty common; but if you follow these ground rules then dating will be much smoother than you imagined.


Go slow

Do not be hasty. Being impatient about your relationship will hurt it in the long run. Be sure to proceed at a pace that is comfortable for the two of you. He shouldn’t be rushing you into anything or vice versa.

Get him comfortable

At the beginning of a new relationship, make sure you make him feel comfortable. He should feel comfortable to make things happen. If he is anxious about what to do next then you aren’t doing your job properly. Making him comfortable will go a long way in maintaining an open healthy relationship with no fear.

Split your time well

Sometimes, new lovers tend to over-devote time to each other resulting in over-familiarity. Familiarity breeds contempt. Do not let that happen in your relationship. Divide your time well. Do some of the things you used to be before you started dating him. Do not ignore your other friends!

Do not draw comparisons

You may tend to use your ex-boyfriend as a standard against which you judge your new boyfriend. Remember that personalities are unique. You may never find anyone like your ex-boyfriend, so don’t even try looking!

Give him his space

Do not interrogate him like you are a journalist! Make sure he feels comfortable answering you; if he isn’t then stop right there. No more questions! Boys hate it when you probe into certain matters.


In the beginning of the relationship, try and take time to know more about each other. Once you’ve spent enough time together take things ahead. Do not rush into anything.


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