Here’s How To Deal With A Cheating Partner


So you just found out your partner of 3 years cheated on you? You are now drowning in a pool of mixed emotions – sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment. You either want to cry or scream, or maybe do both.  Drown in a tub of ice cream maybe? Basically you’d do anything to make the pain go away. But what are you going to do after your tears have dried up is what really matters. It’s essential to know how to deal with a cheating partner.

Being cheated on leaves us bitter. For some people it’s easier to get over it than others. Some of us might not feel better till we hurt the one who hurt us, which is precisely why movies like ‘John Tucker Must Die’, and its Bollywood movies like ‘Masti’ and ‘Luv Ka The End’ became people’s favourites.

Taking inspiration from reel and real life we have for you some ways by which you can take sweet (harmless for the most) revenge on your cheating partner!

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Clean The House

Yes, you heard me right. Go, clean the house, but instead of using a mop, use their clothes. Take their favourite outfit and turn it into a mop and then pretend you have no idea how it got mistaken for a cleaning mop. Take their toothbrush and scrub the toilet with it, don’t tell them about this one though. Let them continue to use the same brush, unaware of where it has been :D

Deal with a cheating partner

Make Them Some Breakfast

Cook for them a hearty breakfast before they go to work. Just make sure to add quite a lot of laxatives to it. Let them fill up their stomach and thank you for the meal. Now, just sit back and pity their impending fate.

Mess With Their Social Media Accounts

This is the best way to let all their friends and family know what a cheat they are. Post statuses on all their social networks, pretending to be them. A good status could be something like “I am an ass who cheated on my loving girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband.” You can add more as you want to. Also, keep in mind to change the password, so that they can’t delete the status.

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Don’t let them know that you know

When you find out that your partner has cheated on you with another, don’t go about barging on them. The best way to let them know the extent of pain you feel, is by giving them a taste of their own medicine. If you can manage to, then go on, cheat on them too, and then tell them what you did and why you did it. It’s bound to hurt them. If your conscience doesn’t allow you to cheat, you can simply lie to them that you did.

Deal with a cheating partner

Date Their Friend

You know that your partner has a friend who always adored you, and never missed on a chance to flirt with you, much to your partner’s dislike; date that friend. Your cheating ex will surely find out about your new mate, and is going to be angry and jealous by the fact that you replaced them so easily, that too with their own friend.

Date Their Sibling

This one will make them much more jealous than dating their friend. Their sibling is their family and having you around their family after what they did to you will unnerve them. They will also constantly be in fear of the secrets you can now disclose to their sibling, and about what their sibling would think of them.

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Dump Them And Ignore Them Completely

For those of you who aren’t ready just yet to date again, or find the other options not to your taste either, moving on is the best option for you. It will be tough, but it’s what you must do. Dump them immediately, and ignore their very existence. Don’t respond to any attempts they make to contact you or, get you back into your life. You are better off without them!

To sum it up, you know your partner better; if you know exactly how to irk them, then do so. However, no matter how hurt or angry you are, please don’t psychically harm them in order to teach them a lesson.  It’s just juvenile and cruel. Also, posting online and sharing videos or pictures of your private moments is just as bad, it will tell more of you as a person, who can never be trusted, than it will about them.

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