Decoding Salman Khan Mania – Salmania!


Bollywood is known for love stories, but today we present to a unique love story between the Indian audience and Salman Khan. Salman has captured the minds of people all over the country; in fact, he has fans all over the world. That’s the power of the super brand that is – Salman!

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From ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ to ‘Kick’, one thing has remained constant – the craze for one of India’s most well known icon Salman Khan!

The leaner days of Salman Khan

The leaner days of Salman Khan

Coming from a filmi family, Salman was destined for stardom, but such iconic superstardom? We’d like to point out Salman’s nature and his humility that has gained him such a great fan base.

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Salman scampered his way onto the block in 1988 with the look of a long haired shy-boy in his onscreen solo debut ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. Girls around the country wanted to know more about this shy-boy from the film and boys tried to copy his image. Well, after portraying a shy boy in his debut, Salman Khan turned his way towards getting the tag of ‘sexy boy’. His pumped up body made him look like a super-stud! Guys all over the world started following him and the new craze called body building started.

Since decades, Salman has inspired many with his fit physique

Since decades, Salman has inspired many with his fit physique

Owing to his sculpted body and dashing looks Salman was even voted by People Magazine as the 7th best looking man in the world. What remains constant throughout the rise to superstardom is Salman’s humility and love for his fans. This is what we would say, has got Salman one of the most loyal fan bases in the world. Salmania! So why is Salmania so obsessive? Well, firstly, just have a look at Salman! That toned body is worth dying for. Besides this, let’s take a look at a few other things that makes Salman stand out.

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His dance moves

Salman Khan gets his charm in any dance step. Some of the most simple dance steps look great when Salman does it. The way he carry off a dance number, is surely something to look forward to.

The whole nation grooves with Salman's dance moves

The whole nation grooves with Salman’s dance moves

His style

Every actor has his style, but hardly the style becomes a style statement. But, with Salman… anything he does becomes a style statement among his fans. Remember the ‘Tere Naam’ hairstyle or the stoles he wore in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’?

His body

As we said, the body building trend was started after Salman Khan showed off his pumped up body in his films. Well, girls die at his sexy body and guys always dream to have one like him.

His attitude

From the shy-boy to the playboy to the badass, in fact, as badass as they get! Salman has developed a badass attitude over the years that has made his fans go gaga!

His decency

Most of the actors nowadays prefer to have a kissing scene in their films, but Salman has always stayed away from kissing onscreen. Explaining his ‘no kiss’ stance, this is what Salman had once said, “First, remember: it’s primarily a family audience. And second, I learnt this a long time ago: every man’s wife or girlfriend is for himself. He doesn’t want to share her.” This proves that Salman doesn’t believe in making a film hit with a kiss. He is known for making sure even his co-stars are not over-obscenely dressed for particular scenes and even if they are, Salman makes sure they get dressed as soon as the shot is over!

Even Salman's bedroom scenes are decent and devoid of any vulgarity

Even Salman’s bedroom scenes are decent and devoid of any vulgarity

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His eye for talent

Salman is a superstar and he believes in making superstars. He has launched so many actors, who are now superstars of Bollywood. From Katrina Kaif to Sonakshi Sinha to Arjun Kapoor, Salman’s eye for talent has earned him even more credit to add up to his superstar image. Even though his superstardom has been immense, Salman has maintained a humble attitude about the entire episode. Not many know that a huge chunk of whatever Salman earns goes in his ‘Being Human’ foundation. His ‘Being Human’ brand has become a sensation over the years and Salman still visits hospitals and child welfare houses to show how down-to-earth he actually is! This love story between Salman Khan and his fans is surely one of the best eternal love stories seen in Bollywood.

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