Decoding The Quiet Mind Of An Introvert


An introvert’s mind and ability to remain quiet for hours together has intrigued many since time immemorial. Since introverts are not outgoing enough to express what they think and feel, we often wonder what goes on in their minds and how or why are they not social enough. Some of us even think of them as anti-social; but honestly, anti-social behaviour is a completely different condition. Introverts are merely quiet. I hope after reading this feature, those who are harsh towards introverts will finally warm up to them :)

Here are some (among many other) things that an introvert person’s mind holds. I’m sure most introverts will be able to relate to this.

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Why talk? – Introverts like to keep to themselves and not engage much in conversation. That’s not because they hate others or are afraid of them. In fact, it is completely natural for them to not talk, unless of course it is absolutely necessary and they can’t get away without it. Being social does not come to them naturally. They like to keep to themselves and remain ‘in their heads’ and maybe that’s the reason why they are referred to as ‘introverts’. An introvert would only attempt to talk when there’s no other way out and they need to make an enquiry or voice their opinion. Otherwise, you will find them mostly silent.

An Introvert guy travelling alone

Introverts often travel alone


They are observers: Introverts would rather take a long sweeping look around and keep a tab on the things happening around them instead of being hyper vocal. They analyze different people and different situations and observe everything around them; nothing escapes their observation! It is just their way of being aware of their surroundings. We usually believe that in order to know a person better, we must talk to them, but introverts prefer observing others to understand their personality.

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They have a great imagination: Introverts love to lose themselves to imagination and this often makes them absent-minded. They don’t just have one imaginary world to call their own. It definitely can be more than one, or it can be modified into something better to suit their own whims. They prefer imagining what they have just read somewhere than making a conversation with people who think they are ‘loners’.

They are good listeners: Just as they are good observers, introverts are good listeners too. Talking seems to overwhelm them, hence they prefer to listen. They would gladly lend you an ear rather than actively participating in a conversation. You can expect only monosyllables from them, with an occasional sentence thrown in here and there; but that can’t be bad, right?

an Introvert girl reading a book alone

Introverts like to be on their own

Love for solitude: Solitude is important and we all need it at some point or the other. But introverts seem to love it! It is something that they often crave for. This may be the reason why people think of them as escapists, who like to run away to their own world at the drop of a hat. But in reality, they only prefer solitude for the quietness, so that they can enjoy listening to music or reading a book or doing whatever they love.

Hesitation to talk: Introverts are often lost (for words and ideas) when they have the need to approach a person and start a conversation. They appear to be timid and hesitant to start talking and tend to over-analyse how they should proceed with the conversation. This happens because they are aware that talking does not come to them naturally, and also because they are not oblivious to the fact that people judge them too much and they want to avoid giving them another chance.

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So, that’s about it, guys! If you’re an introvert, tell us which of the aspects you could relate most with. And if you are an extrovert, remember that introverts are humans just like you are. So don’t judge them and accept them the way they are!

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