Decorate Your House With These DIY T-Shirt Pom-Poms!


Imagine a bunch of cute, fluffy, pretty-looking pom-poms hanging from the ceiling at various places in your house. So cute! I love pom-poms and they’re even better if you make them yourself! These Dahlia-like balls of fluff made from soft T-shirts, floating mid-air over your dinner table make for a very pretty décor imparting a cheerful radiance to any and every occasion! Not to mention these  DIY T-shirt pom-poms also recycle your old clothes! Here’s a quick DIY!

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What you’ll need:

An old T-shirt (avoid using kiddie tees)



Let’s get started!

Step 1: Take a soft Lycra T-shirt and cut off the upper portion of it from just below the neckline so that the sleeves and neck are detached.

Cut your T-shirt in strips, DIY T-Shirt Pom-Poms,

Cut your T-shirt in strips

Step2: Save the sleeves for other use and place your T-shirt flat on the ground. Using a pair of scissors meant to cut cloth, cut up your tee breadth-wise into ½ inch strips. Discard the side seams.

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Step 3: Once your T-shirt is cut up, you’ll have a heap of strips. Now take your cardboard and cut out 2 circles that are a little larger than your palm. Ensure both the circles are equal. The draw a small circle in the centre of both the cardboard pieces and cut them out so that you get 2 cardboard rings. Make a wide slit in the rings and proceed.

Place a strip in-between the cardboard rings, DIY T-Shirt Pom-Poms,

Place a strip in-between the cardboard rings

Step 4: Place a strip of your cut-up tee on one ring (as shown in the picture) and press the other ring on it so that the strip is sandwiched. Hold both the rings together in one hand and start wrapping another strip around the rings tightly. When you reach the end of the strip, pick up another one, place it on top of the first one (just where it ended) and start wrapping tightly again. Continue doing this until the whole ring is covered. Make another layer on top of the first one following the same steps.

Once you wrap the strips around your rings, it should look something like this, DIY T-Shirt Pom-Poms,

Once you wrap the strips around your rings, it should look something like this

Step 5: Once your ring is completely wrapped with the T-shirt strips, make a tight knot with the single strip of cloth that was sandwiched in between the cardboard rings and use your scissors to cut along the outer edge of the rings. Then remove the rings carefully and fluff the strips of cloth to get you perfect cute pom-pom!

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Cut along the edges of the rings and voila! DIY T-Shirt Pom-Poms,

Cut along the edges of the rings and voila!

How easy was that!

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