Deepika Padukone Supports Mental Health Awareness


[ This article was contributed by The Brunette Diaries to Club Deepika P (Deepika's Fan Club on Twitter) and was published in their March 2015 edition of Crazen magazine.]

You must be aware that the Queen Bee of tinsel town, Deepika Padukone recently revealed how she was battling anxiety and depression early in 2014. Deepika spoke about her condition to a reputed newspaper and revealed things about herself that most celebs would have never dared to! (You can read more on that here:

"I broke down often," said Deepika Padukone on her anxiety-related depression

“I broke down often,” said Deepika Padukone on her anxiety-related depression

As Deepika mentioned, depression is something that one in every four people suffers from. It’s common; and mind you, it’s growing at an alarming rate! It can strike anyone, irrespective of age, gender or social status.

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Success, fame, money, killer looks, great body, the best car and house, a loving family… the long-legged beauty had it all. Yet, she was anxious, yet she was depressed. This is something that most people found hard to digest. “Why is she depressed? She has everything”, said most of them. But how many of us thought about the daily scrutiny that popular celebs like Deepika have to go through on a daily basis? Every day brings in new stories about them, new gossip reach their ears every day. Do you really think it’s easy battling them without being affected? Can you tolerate it when your colleague insults you in front of others; or when tongues are wagging against you? No, right? Even one such day sounds stressful, right?

Thus, a person’s mental state is beyond the materialistic world. And the courage with which Deepika tackled depression and emerged victorious against it is commendable.

Depression can creep up on anyone, even stars like Deepika Padukone

Depression can creep up on anyone, even stars like Deepika Padukone

We are happy that Deepika had the courage to come out in the open and admit to the world that she was depressed. But what makes us happier is that she wasn’t embarrassed by it, like many even today are. It’s not something to be embarrassed about. In fact, it’s time we encouraged people to eradicate the social stigma surrounding depression. It’s time people understood someone who is going through a thunderstorm mentally (which in turn affects emotionally too). Why is someone who visits a psychiatrist or psychologist considered as a paagal, a madman? Why the prejudice? It’s time to battle this.

Deepika is the hero for all of those who are fighting mental illnesses, as she has started working on an initiative to create awareness about grave mental conditions like anxiety and depression. She is encouraging people to be not ashamed about battling a mental condition. She wants everyone to wake up to the condition in the preliminary stages itself, before the pain worsens. She is also encouraging families to be supportive, just like her mother was towards her. The star even tweeted about this issue many times on her Twitter handle. One of her tweets read: “Anxiety,Depression and Panic Attacks are not signs of weakness.They are signs of trying to remain strong for way too long.” (sic)

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Kudos to Deepika who has, in fact, already formed a team of physicians and psychiatrists who will work together to address common mental health concerns like anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

We hope many people join your endeavor as you help bring about a change in the country, Deepika. You go, girl!

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