Dermatologist-approved Skin Care Tips For Summer


Trust me, it doesn’t take a cartload of money to look good. What it takes is proper care and healthy habits that go a long way in giving our skin the glow and suppleness that we were born with. I know, I know, sometimes you just feel like going to a dermatologist to get all your answers but not all of us can afford the fee of a single appointment with the best skin expert in town. Worry not! If all you wish for is a clearer complexion (without much hassle), these dermatologist-approved skin care tips is all you need this summer!


Preload your skin with sunscreen: It’s best to be prepared before the sun gets hotter. If you are reading this before summer has completely set in, then start using lots of sunscreen compulsorily every morning before stepping out and also at night before hitting the sack. This will ensure that the SPF will get absorbed into the top-most layer of your skin even before the sun has a chance to damage it! Score! 

Whether it's summer, monsoon, autumn, winter or spring, sunscreen is a must!

Whether it’s summer, monsoon, autumn, winter or spring, sunscreen is a must!

Go heavy on the SPF: Although it is advisable to use sunscreen all year round, you need a little extra punch during summer. Opt for sunscreens with SPF 50 or above so that you skin is well protected. If the greasiness bothers you, pick oil-free ones that get absorbed into the skin quickly.


Treat sun damage ASAP: Do not ignore a sun burn or wait for it to start irritating your skin. If your skin is burnt, quickly soak a soft cloth in an ice bath and place it on your burn. If the inflammation is severe, consider taking medication like ibuprofen and visit a dermatologist soon. Here’s when you should visit the dermatologist. 

Spraying face mist keeps your skin well hydrated at all times

Spraying face mist keeps your skin well hydrated at all times

Use face mists: Apply sunscreen before leaving the house and carry a face mist with an SPF to use when your face starts to feel dry or itchy. Since you can’t keep reapplying the sunscreen lotion to your face all day, a face mist is really handy. It can even help to moisturize your skin or to set your makeup if you’re wearing any.


Peel it away: No, not literally! What we mean is using a salicylic acid peel on your face, neck and any other exposed part of your body once a month during summer. It helps to clear up the dulling skin, cleans your pores making them tighter, and also evens out any discoloration or sun damage. What’s more, it can also slow down the excess oil production that causes breakouts during summer. 

Saliylic peels are good for your skin

Saliylic peels are good for your skin

Avoid redness: Too much sun exposure and the general heat in the air during summer can cause unnecessary redness on the face. The solution? Place a soft towel soaked in chilled water (and wrung out) on your neck. This will stop the blood that’s flowing to the face and reduce the flush. Did you know, chronic flushing can cause permanently dilated capillaries on the face?


Scrub the damage away: While most of us are already scrubbing our face once a week (which is enough during other seasons), you need an extra exfoliation session during summer. The hot and humid weather can make your pores highly visible, hence skin specialists advise to scrub your face gently twice a week during summer.


Now that you know how to take care of your skin this summer, do invest the time to provide it with some TLC.

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