Diet Plan To Stick To The 1200-Calorie Rule


If you are someone who is trying to lose weight then you definitely know all about 1200-calorie rule. Ideally, a normal person who isn’t trying to lose weight should consume around 2000 calories a day. A person who is trying to lose weight though should only consume a total of 1100-1200 calories a day. This means that if you are trying to lose weight, each of your four daily meals that are breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner should be no more than 300 calories each. Today, we are going to help you maintain your diet by showing you what 300 calories look like and what you should eat and what you should skip.

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What you should eat:

1200-calorie rule

Breakfast is the first and by far the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast gives your day a good start. This is where your calorie counting should begin. A bowl of cornflakes with cow’s milk and fresh fruit like strawberries, figs or bananas will come up to under 300 calories. This will give your day a healthy kick start and enough energy that will last you well until your next meal. Alternately you could skip the cornflakes, and choose to have a glass of milk and a plate of mix fruit instead, or maybe even a boiled egg.

30 grams cornflakes: 114 calories

100 ml cow’s milk: 65 calories

100 grams strawberries: 44 calories

100 grams figs: 37 calories

100 grams bananas: 116 calories

1 boiled egg: 85 calories

What you should skip:

As much as hot stuffed parathas sound tempting, in the morning, they should be avoided. A single paratha has nearly 300 calories, and you will have to eat at least two parathas to last you till lunch time. So, skip the parathas.

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Lunch and Dinner:

What you should eat:

1200-calorie rule

For lunch and dinner eat a good healthy meal, that comprises of dals, vegetables and chapattis. If you prefer rice, then skip the chapatti and just eat rice. A good way is to eat rice for lunch and go for chapattis at dinnertime.

1 chapatti without ghee: 60 calories

1 plate boiled rice: 103 calories

One medium bowl aloo palak: 163 calories

One medium bowl chana: 158 calories

One medium bowl brinjal: 103 calories

One medium bowl cauliflower: 112 calories

One medium bowl karela: 94 calories

One medium bowl dal fry: 177 calories

What you should skip:

Avoid any gravies that have fresh cream and or/butter included in them, because even a small bowl of such gravies alone will reach close to 300 calories. Avoid kulchas and naans too.

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What you should eat:

1200-calorie rule

When hunger strikes and you crave a snack, opt for one that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Go for a fresh vegetable or shredded chicken sandwich that will contribute less than 300 calories to your daily food intake.

1 vegetable toast sandwich: 259 calories

1 chicken sandwich: 271 calories

1 chutney butter sandwich: 194 calories

What you should skip:

Don’t gorge on fried snacks like samosas, vadas and pakoras. All of them contain way more than 300 calories in a single serving alone.


1200-calorie rule

What you should eat:

Essentially, when on a diet, skip desserts altogether; but on days when you just can’t resist the temptation, go for low calorie versions of desserts instead like this 16-calorie meringue recipe. You can also maybe skip your snack and fit a dessert instead.

1 fruit custard: 172 calories

1 jelly custard: 115 calories

1 caramel custard: 200 calories

1 medium bowl kheer: 195 calories

What you should skip:

Like we mentioned before, desserts are to be avoided completely; but, if you just can’t help yourself, make sure you eat something under 300 calories. The lesser the calories, the better it is. And don’t even think of chocolate frosted cakes, and sweets like rabri and halwas.

Follow the 1200-calorie rule rigorously and try to maintain your meals in 300 calories or less. We hope our article on what 300 calories look like helps you achieve your fitness goals. :)

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