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What is the biggest problem in a woman’s life? You’ll hear the word ‘pimple’ in unison! But wait… isn’t that called acne too? But haven’t I read somewhere that acne is different from pimple? But then what’s the difference? This is so confusing!

Calm down, ladies… TBD is here. Well, the fact is that pimple and acne are really not the same thing. So, we are going to elaborate on the difference between them. Also, look out for a surprise in the end ;)

- Acne is the broad head which is further subdivided into various categories depending on its size and severity, pimple being one of them. Though both of them result from clogged pores, acnes are painful while pimples are a milder version which may or not be painful.
- Acne is a form of skin inflammation when sebum gets collected and trapped in the pores, which leads to a breakout. However, acne may or not have a head while pimples are usually headed.
- Pimples may or may not be genetic, but if you suffer from frequent acne breakouts, the reasons could be genetic.
- Lastly, the treatment of pimples is easier and a mild attack can be cured in two days. However, a full-blown acne breakout may require hormonal medical treatments and a few weeks time to heal completely.


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