DIY Disney Halloween Costume Ideas For Teen Girls


All of you would agree with me that the best and the most important part of Halloween is dressing up. But most of us are so embroiled in our daily routines that we hardly have any time to get our favorite Halloween costume. You could go to the rent-a-costume shop near you but chances are that you won’t find your favourite character or probably your size wouldn’t be available. Fret not, darlings! If you want to be your favourite character and look your best, you need not look too far. Maybe just as far as your wardrobe! That’s right, today I’m going to show you how to throw up an amazing costume for your favourite Disney character. Here we go…!

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Princess Jasmine:

Princess Jasmine costume is one of the easiest ones to put together and looks beautiful on teen girls!

Princess Jasmine costume is one of the easiest ones to put together and looks beautiful on teen girls!

If you don’t mind some skin show, you could easily be Princess Jasmine! This Arab princess is ferociously brave with a soft heart and is the epitome of beauty. Here’s how you can be Jasmine:

For the costume: Get your old light-blue harem pants out (if you don’t have them  simply pull up a pair of light-blue or white leggings and drape a soft blue long scarf or dupatta over it, tucking the end in the band of your waist. A blue bustier or a bra can be the perfect top. Again, cover it with a blue scarf, tuck all the loose ends in your top.

For the makeup: Give your eyes a golden-bronze smokey look and wear a deep pink or red lipstick. Don’t forget to add bronzer to your cheeks, arms and all the exposed areas of your body. Wear a golden necklace and some gold chunky earrings to finish the look.

For the hair: Don’t forget the hair! Put a loose braid in your hair and weave in a blue ribbon or wear a blue ribbon on your crown. Hello, Princess Jasmine!

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Snow White:

Princess Snow White is full of tenderness for every creature in the world.

Princess Snow White is full of tenderness for every creature in the world.

If your personality is as soft as a flower and you can’t see anything wrong with the world, then probably your favourite Disney character is Snow White. If you wish to be Snow White for Halloween, here are some tips:

For the costume: This is one of the easiest costumes for a DIY. All you need is a bright yellow skirt and a dark blue top (preferably a corset, but it’s okay if it’s a normal top too).

For the makeup: Because Snow White lives with the seven dwarfs in the jungle, you don’t need any jewellery, we may not have the rose pink cheeks so you would need to use some rouge. Use the same colour on your cheeks and lips and tie a red ribbon on your crown. You may also carry a delicious red apple to complete your look.

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Cinderella in her trademark blue gown and glass shoes

Cinderella in her trademark blue gown and glass shoes

If you’re hoping to bump into Prince Charming at the Halloween ball, you must be Cinderella. All you need is a blue gown, if you don’t have one no worries! Stitch one with a blue drape or curtain in your house. Take help from your parents and cut out a long flowy skirt of your size from one curtain, and a blouse from another curtain. Ask your Mom to measure you and draw a blouse cut-out design on the curtain and follow the line to cut it out. Use an automatic sewing machine to sew the skirt and blouse together. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can ask your mom to hem it for you. There you have it! The easiest DIY Princess Cinderella gown!

For the makeup: Go for the peaches and cream look if you’re being Cinderella. A thin, dark black winged eye-liner and a pop of pink lip gloss should pretty much do the trick.

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Mother Gothel:

Mother Gothel won't let Rupunzel out of the tower!

Mother Gothel won’t let Rupunzel out of the tower beacuse – Mother know best!


For the spoilt brat or the experimental girls, I suggest you must be Mother Gothel. This costume is again easy to throw together.

For the costume: Get hold of a maroon bed sheet, a curtain or a large shawl. Fold it half and measure it along your front length. Once you’re happy with the length, cut out a deep rounded-square neckline and sew it using an automatic sewing machine (or ask your mom to hem it for you). Also stitch the sides together leaving almost 8-10 inches from the edges. Your poncho is ready. Slip it on and strap a matching belt on your waist.

For the makeup: Black-bronze smokey eyes with a thick feline flick make for the perfect Mother Gothel look. Add a maroon lipstick for added effect.

For the hair: As Mother Gothel has super curly hair so you’ll have to curl your hair really tight. But if you are skeptical about using heat styling products on your hair, you can start to prep your hair in the morning just after you step out of the shower. Take some kitchen paper towels and divide your hair into many small sections while it’s still wet. Don’t forget to apply some protective serum to it. Roll up the paper towel and start winding your hair on it. Once you reach the end, pin your hair with some bobby pins. You can either let it air dry or use a blow dryer to dry to your hair. Open it just before your makeup so it can settle down as you get ready.

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