Do opposites attract or repel?


Instant sparks in a relationship may feel like true love, but love has deeper meaning than just chemistry. It involves compatibility, adjustments and sometimes even toning down one’s personality to suit the other. But the eternal question we all want to know the answer to is, do opposing personalities attract or repel?


Let us understand this idea from different point of views and then reach a conclusion. We interviewed some regular office goers on what they felt about this matter and this is what they had to say.

Hitesh Variya, 27, was of the opinion that opposites initially attract and eventually repel due to diverse nature. They manage to get past the infatuation phase, but cannot come to terms with their lack of compatibility later on.

Mohit Gaikwad, Content Head at an advertising agency, says, “Opposites can be together as they are more compatible because the quality of being opposite is far more durable than being similar.”

Pree Naman, who got married recently, opines, “Opposites could be attracted to each other initially, but over time their diverse nature and thought process clash, which can cause trouble between them.”

Stace and Bry

Safa Abuji, 23, on the other hand says that she has met happy couples with opposing personalities who claim that their differing nature completes each other.

After hearing varied opinions, there is no clear answer as to whether opposites attract or repel. Well, we at The Brunette Diaries are of the opinion that like-minded personalities are more likely to spark problems than different ones. In a relationship, the couple must understand, value and complement each other gracefully. When personalities are opposing, they complement each other more elegantly than like-minded couples.


Though we feel that opposites are more compatible with each other, the bottom-line is that a relationship can only exist if there is a willingness to adjust. Personalities may range from one end of the spectrum to the other, but if they understand and accept each other for what they truly are, then all these theories can be thrown out the window to make room for true love.

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