Dog Training: What Every Pooch Must Be Taught


Are you ready to start training your pet dog? If you’re someone who has bought a pooch for the first time, then the dog training process can be very tedious for you and your furry four-legged friend. But you don’t need to worry; we are here to guide you through the process of how to start dog training. Trust us, you guys will definitely be experts at the end of this training session. Here are ways on how you can get started on training your dog to be the best and the brightest.

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Obedience training:

Make training your dog a fun activity

Make training your dog a fun activity

Obedience training is hands down the most important part of dog training. This session is like the foundation for all of them. Basic commands like sit, stand, shake hands, stay, come and heel should be taught thoroughly to the dog. These training sessions should be frequent but short, they should be ten to fifteen minute sessions and should be done two or three times a day. If your dog performs the command that you tell him/her to do, it’s very important that you reward the dog with a treat like biscuits, etc. [no chocolate please... it's poison for them!] Better still, you can train them before meals as they will associate that as their reward and be the most obedient dog you ever had.

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Leash training:

leash training

Leash training is really important to keep your dog safe

No dog training is complete without it learning to walk obediently with a leash; every dog needs to learn this. It is always important that you make the dog walk to the left of you when you take him out for a walk. This is done so that he is safe from any harm like on-going traffic, etc. You must also make sure that you and the dog walk at the same pace; at no point in time should the dog be ahead or behind you; otherwise, he might feel that he is the dominating member and will not listen to any of your future commands.

House/Potty training:

You can easily potty train your dog if you reward him on doing his job at the right place

You can easily potty train your dog if you reward him on doing his job at the right place

Teach your dog to use the toilet area for his peeing and pooping purposes. This should be done in the morning when he wakes up and after his meals. Always reward the dog for doing his job in the right place. Never punish him for house training mistakes; it has its consequences. Feed your dog regularly and on time.

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The period when you just start dog training may be tiresome and irritating, but the end results will make you the happiest person on planet earth. And you can go proclaim it to the world that you did all the dog training by yourself. ;)

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