Don’t Ever Wear Any Of These To The Gym!


Whether you’re a fitness freak or a gym junkie, you can never be totally immune when it comes to gym wear. That’s right! If you thought you can wear anything when you work out, you’re mistaken. Here’s what you must never wear to your gym if you really care about your body.

Gym wear should be synthetic and sweat resistant and not absorbent like cotton clothing

Gym wear should be synthetic and sweat resistant, and not absorbent like cotton clothing

Pure cotton clothes: Cotton clothing is surely very comfortable and cooler, and you might think that its absorbing properties are a plus point. But guess what? Because cotton absorbs moisture and sweat (and at the same time, is slow to dry), your sweat is literally stuck to your body for as long as you are working out. All those sweaty hours can weigh you down, cause skin irritation and breakouts all over the body. Not to mention the chills due to wetness and increased friction in (ahem) sensitive areas.

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Swap it: Light weight synthetic fabric will do a much better job at moving the sweat away from your body and allowing it to evaporate quicker. 

Get an easily stretchable sports bra for the gym

Get an easily stretchable sports bra for the gym

Low quality sports-bra: A good sports bra should act as a protective gear against harming the tissues and ligaments on your chest. If your sports bra is uncomfortable or unsupportive, you may find it difficult to stretch, let alone be unselfconscious, while doing some moves. And this may also risk stretching or tearing your skin.

Swap it: The perfect sports bra will give you all the support and comfort that you need while exercising. Do keep in mind the type of workout you would be doing and choose a bra that has moisture-wicking properties and preferably smooth covered seams. For added support, go for bras with wider straps, which disperse your bust weight and don’t dig into shoulders. 

GYM - Your workout shoes must be comfortable and must provide a good support to your foot

Your workout shoes must be comfortable and must provide a good support to your feet

Worn-out footwear: If you wear your old sneakers until the sole falls off or the seam tears out, you’re just making the matter worse for yourself. Wearing worn-out footwear to the gym will pose difficulties in standing firmly on the slick gym floor and it may even damage your joints and knees.

Swap it: Try to replace your old kicks twice or thrice a year (depending on how often you use them) If you run every day, then you may have to get a new pair of jogging shoes every 3 months.

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Tight clothes: We’re sure we don’t need to specifically tell you how tight clothes can hamper or restrict your range of body movements, thereby messing your workout.

Swap it: Short-sleeved workout tops or sport bras with wide straps that cover your shoulder fully are the best bet. Wear clothes that would not come in the way as you stretch, lunge, flex or lift.

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Strong fragrance: Nobody wants to stink while sweating it out at the gym. But take it easy with the strong smelling deodorant. The already strong perfume would get intensified as your body gets warm during workout and it may give you (or someone around you) a terrible headache.

Swap it: Use oil-free, and light smelling lotions and colognes preferably with SPF 15 to protect your skin.

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Jewelry: Jewelry that hangs around your neck, wrists or ankles can get in your way as you work out. Even if your fiancé gifted you that necklace, you must keep it away in your purse or the locker as you work out. Watches with leather straps are also a no-no. 

Wearing earphones while gymming can be risky

Wearing earphones while gymming can be risky

Loud earphones: So we all use ear phones to pump up some energy in our workout regimen. But what you don’t realize is that if your earphones are sound-blocking or you’re listening to loud music, then you may not be aware of the goings-on around you. If you’re using some equipment that somebody has been waiting to use, or if the emergency smoke alarm goes off, you should be aware of it.

 Baggy clothes: Loose fitted clothes are best worn for lounging, and not while working out. Avoid any type of risk by wearing lesser clothes (maybe a sports bra and shorts) and you’ll do yourself a huge favor.

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So now that you know what to avoid, go ahead; don’t let anything come in the way of you and your fitness goals!

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