Easiest ways to look thin


There is a good reason parents have always told you to stop slouching. Maintaining a good posture will help alleviate back pain, strengthen your core muscles and make you look thinner. Like this, there are several tips and tricks to look thinner. Let us have a look at a few:

Stand up straight to appear thinner

Stand up straight to appear thinner

Stand up straight

This is obviously the easiest way to look thinner. If you stand up straight, you tend to hide the rolls on your stomach. An erect posture boosts your confidence and allows your t-shirt or shirt/top to appear less baggy around the tummy area.

Wear tight fitting underwear

For girls, ill-fitting bras will leave fat spilling over, that can be ugly to see even through your tops. Try putting on a slip. For guys, loose underwear or wife-beaters will make you look stout and make your clothes look baggy.

Choose colours carefully

Avoid bright colours and patterns as this instantly makes you look bigger than you already are. Dark colours make your heavy sections look comparatively smaller.

Match your shoes

Let your shoes match your body type. If you are short and stout, wearing boots will make you appear taller because this balances your body proportion.

Wear your makeup and hairstyles well

Another way to appear thinner is the illusion of distraction. Make them notice your face and your hair and the focus will automatically drift away from your body and its shape.

Wear clothes that are the right size

If you are a particular size, try and fit in that size. Wearing a smaller size isn’t going to make you look thinner, nor is wearing a larger size going to hide away any fat. Wearing the exact size will make you look smart and confident.

Wearing the right undergarment size can flatter your figure

Wearing the right undergarment size can flatter your figure

You must be confident about your body. If you feel that working on it is going to take a lot of time and you don’t have the time for it, try these tips to look thin.

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