Easy DIY Dip Dye Hair Tutorial For Beginners!


First we all fell in love with the Ombre hair trend, and now it’s gone global. Fashionistas and celebrities alike have taken things to another level with the introduction of the dip dye trend! But you don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks at the salon to get the luscious dip dyed locks, because you can make it a DIY project. If you’re a first timer or a beginner, don’t worry it’s not rocket science; with these tips and some practice, you’ll master the technique in no time.

J-Lo's dip dyed curls are absolute perfection!

J-Lo’s dip dyed curls are absolute perfection!

Here we go!

What you’ll need:

A pot of temporary hair dye

A bowl

A hair dye brush

Aluminum foil

Before you proceed, ensure to cover your shoulders and neck with an old towel, you don’t want to stain your clothes or skin. Section your hair and make 3 high ponytails – one on each side and one at the back. Then measure the section of each ponytail that you want to dye, and tie a hair elastic to separate it. For instance if you want to dye one inch of your hair from the bottom, tie an elastic an inch away you’re your ends. You may even braid your hair and leave the part to be dyed as it is. Empty the contents of the hair dye into the bowl, and using the brush apply it generously to the ends and gradually reach upwards until you have covered all of the hair that’s hanging under the hair elastic.

You can even dip your hair in the dye for 30 minutes, that’s how dip dye works!

You can even dip your hair in the dye for 30 minutes, that’s how dip dye works!

Use your fingers to make sure the dye is well incorporated in your hair (don’t forget to wear gloves or you’ll have colourful fingers for a couple of days). Once you dye all the sections of your hair in this way, wrap them with a large piece of aluminium foil and leave on for 30 minutes or more (whatever your hair dye pack suggests). Wash off with plain water, do not shampoo! The colour needs a day to get settled; so it’s better if you shampoo two days later. Blow dry your hair and style them as usual. There you go! The most beautiful and the easiest DIY dip dye project ever!

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