Easy-Peasy Nail Art For Short Nails


All around the internet, there are so many pictures and videos of women sporting lovely nail art. Some of these nail art techniques are quite elaborate and, oh-so-difficult to perfect for untrained hands. Also, most of the easy and do-able patterns are for the ladies with long fingernails, leaving people like me with shorter nails in a lurch. And that is precisely why we bring to you this video by Meliney, who teaches us how to do beautiful nail art for short nails.

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In this video, you will learn how to use an old ‘fan’ brush you might have at home (or you can surely purchase one from your local stationery shop as well) to create pretty, yet extremely easy nail art patterns. All you need is a fan brush, your favourite colours of nail paints and a scissor. And as a bonus, for you ladies out there who have ‘glitter in their veins’ we have also got a sparkly, yet elegant and, most importantly, very easy to do nail art design. So, let’s get started!


Yes, some of the designs in the video are done using acrylic paints and, not nail paints. But, that’s okay. You can certainly use your own shades of nail paint, and follow the other steps the way they are, or even go all creative and devise a few additions of your own. Just pour a little bit of nail paint in a plate like I did and, using a fan brush start creating one of these simple yet stunning nail art for short nails. So, go ahead grab a fan brush and some paints. It’s so easy; you’ll have to try it, to know that I mean it :D


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