Easy Tricks To Accentuate Your Facial Features!


Are you the one blessed with kissable lips? An attractive nose and doe-shaped eyes too? Here we list simple makeup tricks that can help you accentuate and enhance your attractive facial features, and garner appreciation too!

Facial features

- Use a foundation that matches the same shade of your skin tone. Very often people make use of a shade that is lighter to their skin thinking it will make them look fairer. However, the truth is that a lighter shade will make you look cakey and the shade that’s closer to your skin tone is the only one that’ll suit you best.

- If you have beautiful eyes like a doe (or if so you’ve been told by your admirers), the mascara is your best pick! After lining your eyelids with liquid eyeliner, apply multiple strokes of mascara to curl and elongate your lashes. This simple trick will do wonders to your look and is extremely easy to achieve. A word of caution: beware of clumps!

- Are your lips pouty? Then you need to go for bright shades like pink, coral and scarlet red! Also, don’t go overboard with applying lip gloss as it will do the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Too much gloss will make your lips look unnatural and sloppy and instead of that use matt colours that suit your skin. There, you have kissable lips!

- To achieve a perfect nose, you just have to follow this simple way! Apply a vertical line over the middle of your nose with a foundation. Here you can use a shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply a darker shade of the same on the sides of your nose to make it even. Dab some translucent powder and pat your skin to set the foundation and you’re sorted!

We are sure these techniques are quite easy than any parlour schedule!

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