Easy tricks to lose weight


Losing weight can be tough if you don’t have the willpower. All you need is the determination to lose that extra five to ten pounds if not more. Let us look at some tips and tricks to lose weight faster.

Watch your portions!

Watch your portions!


Water is the most vital ingredient necessary for weight loss which most of us ignore. Research has shown that people who gulped down close to eight glasses of water lost weight at a faster rate than those who did not.


Cut down your portions. Your stomach is usually the size of your fist. You expand this muscle to the limit when you gorge on more food than your stomach requires. It is more about what your body needs than what your minds want. Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat?


Eliminating packaged foods and sticking to natural foods like fruit is a great way to lose that extra weight. The water levels that your body needs can be attained by a good intake of fruit in our diets.


Most veggies contain fibre that is good for your digestion and excretion. A healthy digestive and excretory system will facilitate a faster weight loss rate.


Everyone has a soft corner for sugary treats. But if you can refrain from the intake of extravagant amounts of sugar then your body will learn to convert this sugar to energy instead of storing it as fats.

Carbonated sweetened drinks

This is the devil in a religion of healthy eating. It is believed that a single 250 ml serving of carbonated soft drinks contains 12-15 teaspoons of sugar. Many people opt for diet carbonated drinks that actually do no good to your weight loss goals.


Well, you thought we’d skip this? Laziness isn’t going to get you anywhere. Exercise is imperative to lose that extra weight so that your body learns to burn calories better and faster.

Adding veggies to your diet helps in digestion

Adding veggies to your diet helps in digestion

If you can follow a regimen of disciplined eating and exercising, then weight loss goals will be an easy target.

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