Easy Ways To Beat Stress Quicker


This weekend was one of the strangest ones I’ve had in a long time. No, it wasn’t the usual, partying hard with the gang of girls, or curling up on the bed all day with a book and lots of sugary food. This weekend, I spent most of my time thinking, “Why can’t I let it go?” There was so much of stress going on in my personal and professional life that despite trying for days I could just not let it go. Then I finally opened up to a friend about it and felt much better.

This got me thinking, what could a person do to beat stress out of their life quicker? Well, I did my research and here are some easy ways to beat stress quicker.

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Have a solitary moment every morning: In today’s world, we’re all surrounded by and immersed in information streaming through television, smart phones, e-mail, and voice mail. I too didn’t realize it until the last weekend that information overload can actually be detrimental to our health. This is why it is extremely important to take a break and spend a few minutes by yourself. So, don’t read the newspaper or watch the television, just be immersed in happy thoughts.

Praying to God is the best way to meditate

Praying is one of the best ways to meditate

Meditate once every day: Devote a little time to take yourself out from the mess that life is. Find your own way of meditating; just remember that you must do anything in your capacity to eliminate all forms of intrusion while you meditate in silence. If you can’t think of a way to do that, simply close your eyes and practise deep breathing exercises while thinking about nature, e.g., a leaf flowing down with the current of a river, or a flower in bloom.

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Try to wake up early: You might think that waking up early could be counter-productive in reducing your stress; but trust me, it helps in a lot of ways. Your mind and body need to take time in the morning to center yourself. If you leave for the day in a hurry, nothing can get better from there, whereas if you take some time to get yourself and your mind prepared you’ll notice the difference.

Clean your room and wardrobe: If you’re feeling emotionally cluttered, chances are the physical clutter spread across your house is adding to your stress. So, go about tidying up the place and you’ll immediately feel better about yourself. I don’t know how this works but I guess cleaning up the mess lying around the house is like therapy. When you look at the final result (a neat and tidy house) you feel a sense of achievement and take pride in it. That in turn makes you forget your worries. Win-win!

Watch funny things with your family to uplift your mood in an instant

Watch funny shows on TV with your family to uplift your mood in an instant

Watch something funny: Watching funny videos or browsing through your old baby pictures or junior school album can really make your day. There’s a reason why people say ‘watch cat videos when you’re low’. No, the cat doesn’t magically take your stress away, but after a stressful day, looking at these funny things actually activates the part of our brain that delivers tranquility.

Pamper yourself: Go for a salon spa to get a relaxing massage or take a walk down the beach or a flower nursery early in the morning. Being massaged with aromatic oils and taking in the fresh smell of the sea or dew drop laden flowers is really soothing to our senses. I can almost actually “smell the roses” J

Let it go: Sing the famous song from Disney’s ‘Frozen’. I don’t know if it’d work for you but it certainly did for me. If not, then simply tell yourself that you are going to let go off every last negative feeling that’s left inside your mind and heart. And you must try to do it, so passionately that tears fall from your eyes. Don’t worry… crying is good for your health; so, cry and cry until it’s all out of your system and you find yourself smiling.

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Finally, if you’re having a bad day, just go over to the person you love the most and ask for a hug. If none of the aforementioned ways had their effect on you, a hug from your mother, wife, daughter, sibling or friend will surely do it… Until next time, stay happy, stay smiling!J

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