Easy Ways To Cure Your Cracked Heels


The medical term for cracked heels is ‘heel fissures’. If you suffer from pain or discomfort when walking or placing pressure on your heels, you might have heel fissures which could lead to bleeding and can even cause infection as most of the time our feet are exposed to the environment. Dry skin – the evil Heels crack most importantly because of excessive dry skin. Some of the most common reasons for this can be diabetes, obesity, standing on your feet for prolonged periods of time, skin conditions and dry weather. Too much hot baths, harsh soaps and excessive scrubbing can also cause dryness, and thus heel fissures. Nowadays, flip flops and other non-supporting footwear and walking barefoot have been considered some few reasons that mark the commencement of heel fissures. The home treatment Organize a home spa. Scrub away the dry and dead skin, soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes and exfoliate gently using a pumice stone or a clay scrubber — Cracked skin should not be inflamed. Then follow it by Rinsing, patting dry and then applying an oil-based moisturiser or foot cream that suits your skin. Convey to your feet that you care for them. At night, put cocoa butter, coconut oil or almond oil; wear cotton socks and wake up to softer feet! Lather, rinse and repeat till your cracks are gone if the previous method works. To keep your skin soft, continue to use a pumice stone not many times in a week. Even if its summer, you should try keeping your feet covered and wear such footwear only, as it helps your feet stay moist and cracks do not happen then. Hence it is a good precaution. Moisturise yourself thoroughly and consume lots of water every day. Eating a rich diet that comprises vitamin A, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids. Go in for a pedicure at your neighbourhood salon and choose the one that takes care of dryness for extra advantage. Never ‘razor’ the dead skin from of your feet as it is risky and not safe at all.

Moisturise your feet daily for soft feet

Moisturise your feet daily for soft feet

Medical tips If home remedies and regular moisturising is not your cup of tea you better consult a doctor. Podiatric treatment of cracked heels includes rigorous investigation into the cause and then consequently the treatment begins. Commencing with removal of dry skin, doctors will prescribe and suggest for rich emollients, corrective footwear and supplements. Medical glue might be used to bond the fissures together in extreme cases.

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