Eating Habits: Don’t Do These Things After Eating



Have you have heard your grandmother scolding your for running into the shower after a full meal? I’ve heard mine say that… and the fun fact is that I’ve hardly paid attention :)

But guess what, science supports her! There are reasons why she stops you from doing certain things right after stuffing your tummy. Science says that engaging in these activities could lead to certain health complication. So, what are these harmful eating habits that you should avoid? Let’s find out.

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- Lighting a smoke right after finishing your meal is not a good thing to do, since the nicotine interferes with the digestion process. Smoking after eating a regular habit will make you land up with stomach problems.
- Ever wondered why a meal usually follows a shower? Because if you go the other way round, the effects of a shower can slow down the blood flow in the body, which leads to problems in digestion. So, try to always follow the usual norm.
- Eating fruits right after a meal may obstruct the digestion process since fruits require a number of enzymes to be digested properly. Hence, it’s better to munch on your favourite fruit some other time.
- Planning to sip a cup of tea after your meal? We advise you don’t. Tea reduces the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients from our food; hence, it is better to keep a gap of at least 2 hours before enjoying your tea.
- If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you need to know that a rigorous workout session post a full meal may lead to health problems like acid reflexes or nausea.
- Sitting or standing immediately after a meal leads to indigestion. The best activity post a meal is to take a brisk walk as it aids better digestion.

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Are you too guilty of doing these things right after a meal? If yes, then mend your habits right away :)

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