Emotional Happiness In A Couple Is The Gateway To Sexual Satisfaction


While some men like BDSM, other women may prefer soft and intimate sex. This basic sexual incompatibility is very common among married couples, especially in India. With arranged marriages being the traditional matchmaking process for Indian couples, they involve in a marital life much before they know each other’s sexual appropriateness. The desire to satisfy each other emotionally and physically is something that both men and women long for. Sometimes, couples may be able to emotionally satisfy each other but fail in the physical intimacy. Also, a woman is obligated to satisfy her man when he might fail to reciprocate. The idea of mutually satisfying each other and achieving climax together hardly exists. Sometimes, sexual frustration increases so much that the couple end up in divorce and separation. With so much of sexual attention required, how can you make sure that you don’t end up unsatisfied?

Here are a few ways that will help you deal with this sexual stress:

Don’t set a bench mark

Couple in bedroom

Do not expect your partner to be a sex expert like the ones in books like ‘Mills & Boons’ or videos like ‘Kamasutra’. Accept your partner’s individual sexual desires and keep your expectations reasonable. In this way, you won’t feel disappointed with whatever he does to turn you on in bed.

Adjusting and understanding


Sometimes, tiring routines and hectic schedules can totally ruin your romantic mood. Don’t upset yourself during such circumstances. Remember that there is always a next time. Gestures like kissing on the forehead and frequent hugs can boost intimacy.

Spend quality time with each other


Sex is not the only activity that a couple should indulge in to increase their intimacy. You both can engage in other activities like reading books together, gardening, watching TV, etc. It is up to you to initiate small doings that can help the two of you to spend extra time with each other.

There is a lot more to being a couple


Being with each other during difficult times and focusing on each other’s positive side can emotionally help you both as a couple. This can help in a better sex life in future. For all you know, emotional love is the ladder to physical closeness. So, devote time to support and focus on each other’s well being.

Make your outings romantic


Be it grocery shopping or a casual evening outing; try to make each other feel important. You can hold your partner’s hands while walking or give a peck on the cheek to feel special. It is always good to be noticed, and as humans we crave for that kind of an attention.

By sharing a special bond and increasing the emotional proximity, you are automatically enhancing your chances for a good sex life.

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