Ending A Sexual Dry Spell


Even though you may be a sex goddess, you’re bound to experience the occasional sexual dry spell. That’s just the way relationships, life and sex works. Although it may make you feel low in self esteem, it is important to understand that the only person who can revive your sex life is you! So get off your ass and prepare yourself for an active sex life once again. Here’s how.

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Prepare your body

Use lotions to prepare your body and feel confident again

Use lotions to prepare your body and feel confident again

Although you are amazing just the way you are (credits – Bruno Mars), a little beautification won’t do you any harm. Prepare yourself for a close experience with your lover. Lotions, perfumes, waxing, whatever it may be, do all you can to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own body, albeit just the way you are.

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Prepare your bedroom

Prepare your bedroom

Prepare your bedroom

A messy bedroom can be a real turn off, and if you’re looking to return to your active sex life, you need to motivate yourself in any way you can. Clear your bedroom so that your partner can be comfortable in it as well. Make it ready for a sexual experience like never before! After all, you’re making a comeback to the ‘game’.

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Prepare your mind

A dry spell can leave you feeling insecure. It can leave you feeling scared to be intimate once again. Avoid all negative feelings and thoughts and prepare your mind to go all out like before. Talk to a trustworthy friend about it to boost your self esteem.

Prepare your privates

Visit the gynecologist

Visit the gynaecologist

This is a good time to check for STIs and other problems that may trouble you.  Visit the gynaecologist if you have to. Prepare yourself with condoms as well.

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If you are in the middle of a dry spell, it’s a good chance to explore yourself and find out what actually turns you on. Remember when you get back, the wait itself will make the sex steamier.

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