Enjoy A Super Relaxing Thai Massage At Home!


Whether you’ve ever been to Thailand or not, you may have heard of the ever-so-popular Thai massage. Thai massage is the traditional form of massage called “nuat phaen boran.” The surprising part is that it originated in India and incorporates various forms of yoga poses and stretches in its technique. It is known to relieve a person from any type of physical and mental stress, body ache, sprain, fatigue, etc. This popular form of massage is performed on all body parts, right from one’s neck to the feet.

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The popularity of this massage has taken it all over the world and now you can find a Thai massage spa or salon within 15 meters of wherever you are! So, would you like to get a Thai body massage? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to fly off to Thailand or book that expensive salon for Thai massage. With a little bit of practice and proper technique, you can now (with some help from your friend or partner) learn and administer a full body Thai massage right in the comfort of your home!

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Here’s the basic technique explained: 

Neck and shoulder massage:



Back massage:





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Foot massage:



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Now that you’ve learnt the basic technique, go ahead and enjoy a relaxing at-home Thai massage  with your partner, without spending a single penny!


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