Enjoy Monsoons, The Healthy And Happy Way!


Happy to run out the door right into the rains, aren’t you? The blazing summer heat finally bids farewell and you can’t not be happy about it. But before you step out to enjoy monsoons, have you prepared a check-list of dos and don’ts?

Fret not, if you haven’t. Here are few handy tips to enjoy monsoons, the healthy and happy way.

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Health Comes First!

Avoid junk

Avoid junk, at all cost!

We guess we said it all! Nevertheless, monsoon is the breeding season for diseases like Dengue, Diarrhoea, Malaria, Leptospirosis, Dysentery, and what not! You may want to be extra careful about your health, especially with eating habits. At all cost, avoid junk, fried, oily eatables while you enjoy monsoons. Your mouth may go watering at the sight of that panipuri wala, but hold on, do you know if the water used in the preparations is free from germs? Exactly our point!

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Dressing The Monsoon Way!


Getting ready for monsoons? Do you have these yet?

You go on a full shopping spree just before the first showers hit the city. But did you buy the right things or did you just bag whatever looked trendy? Take our advice; buy only those things that will protect you from the rains. From clothes to footwear, the must-haves are clothes that dry quickly, shoes that do not stock rain water or muck, no accessories if your skin is sensitive to rain water, make-up is a no-no (if you do not want to look weird, which you will in all likeness when you get drenched) unless it is the water-proof ones.

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Skin Care Is Essential

Rain water

Rain water, which is acidic in nature, often causes rashes and acne.

Not all of us are fond of getting drenched or even so much as the rain water caressing our skin. Because our skin might be sensitive to rain water which sadly has bunch of chemicals showered on us. If you are one of them, make it a habit to cover yourself up with appropriate moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated and safe from the deadly chemicals. It’s your skin after all and you do not want to take a chance with acne or rashes.

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Keep Those Locks Safe

Hair care in monsoons

Try to not soak your hair in rain water. Always use an umbrella or rain cap to keep it covered.

You don’t have to be Rapunzel to love your hair. So whether you have long hair or short, those locks need extra care. Firstly, try and not get your hair soaked in rain water. Cover it up efficiently. Letting them loose is also not a wise option as they tend to get frizzled due to rain showers. The best is to try that bun that makes you look elegant and classy. Once you’ve reached office or back home, style them as you may. But for as long as it’s monsoons, enjoy with care!

Walk The Extra Mile!

Extra clothes

It wouldn’t harm to leave an extra pair of clothes and shoes at work, just in case.

All you working people do yourself a favor. Rather than sitting drenched, wearing water-dripping clothes, and feet sore from being wet, carry an extra pair of clothes and footwear to work. Use that cabinet to keep them safe for one of those days when the rain gets you. You may also want to leave your makeup kit and few accessories there, if in case your day does not begin without them. Trust us, this will appear godsend and you will thank us for the idea.

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We, at TBD, absolutely love the romantic season and we hope so do you. But, the best is to get into the game while being safe. So enjoy monsoons and do your heart’s bidding, but with precautions.

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