Ensure Your Manicure Is Done The Right Way


Sometimes, you can easily get annoyed when an amateurish manicure is being done to your nails. You take special care to grow your nails longer and ensure that they do not chip off. And finally you treat your nails to a wholesome manicure. But, how can you ensure if the manicurist has groomed your nails the right way?

Here are five things that you should make sure your manicurist does:

Usage of clean tools


This does not mean that they have to purchase new tools for every customer. Using the same tools without washing off the dirt and other invisible infectious filth sticking to the tools is contagious and unhygienic. Ensure the tools are clean before they use it on your nails.

Filing your nails in one direction


It is important that your manicurist files your nails from right to left or vice versa. To saw them back and forth or in a random movement can cause tearing and ripping off your nails.

Pushing back your cuticles


By cutting your cuticles you are exposing your skin to bacteria; therefore, ensure that the manicurist pushes back your cuticles rather than cutting them off.

Using a basecoat


Using a basecoat will help remove stains from your nails. Also, it can be applied to help the nail polish stick to it, thus helping the nail paint last longer on your nails.

Running a topcoat at the tip of your nails


Some people apply nail paint only to the centre part of the nails which is the wrong way of doing it. You ought to apply the nail polish along the tip of the nail as well, to complete the process. Ensure that your manicurist runs a topcoat at the tip of your nails.

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