Envious Of Your Facebook Friends? No Need To Be!


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Coming across someone who seems to have a perfect life on Facebook – you are bound to get jealous if that life is not yours. That pang of jealousy will dawn upon anybody in such a situation. We all have felt it. And once in a lifetime that unsettling feeling hits everyone. So, here are a few facts that we need to consciously realise and accept, in order to avoid those bouts of ‘Facebook-caused depression’.

There’s no denying the fact that we tend to share or post only those stuff which are important for us or which is photogenic and we want people to see. Have you ever seen somebody share a picture in which they look ridiculously not-so-great, or the one which highlights their fight with near and dear ones, or the one that shows their boss disapproving of their work? No, right? People choose to share only the positive moments to their world, which can make others click “Like” out of amazement or sheer jealousy! Remember, even they have their downs; it’s not a perfect, hunky dory life for them. What you see on your virtual profile pages is not the real world. People do exaggerate and flaunt unnecessarily. Envy, if you feel any, therefore, should only be temporary and not bother you for long. After all, your Facebook friends are only doing what you do — display just the happiest moments of their life, whether true or not doesn’t matter.

Akanksha Gupta, a freelance copywriter, handles these problems in her own sweet way — she starts to run down and criticize those she envies. She tells herself that her showy friends suffer from exhibitionism. “Some of them have a habit of bombarding timelines with their happy pictures. It’s annoying and sometimes irritating!” she adds. “They are always partying, travelling, and living the good life. But then most of them are spoilt, rich brats. That makes me feel relieved and amazing about the fact that I use my own money – hard earned money!”

Different individuals have different ways of rationalising. Being critical is okay, but being bitchy about the person you envy can have a negative impact on your personality. So, observe a restraint while thinking or talking negative about your Facebook friends.

Happy Facebook’ing!

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