Erogenous zones on a man’s body


Women generally know to make their man happy, but some women do not know certain secrets to please their man. If you are one those who need some tips to try on your man, then read on. Listed below are a few erogenous zones on a man’s body that will drive him crazy:



The ear lobes are highly sensitive. Sensually swirling your tongue on his earlobes will heighten pleasure considerably. If you would want to, you can go ahead and whisper what you would like to do to him in his ears as well, that would be extra marks for charm. It has been proven that the right ear is connected to the part of the brain that controls happiness.


The neck has been said to have several erogenous points that can trigger hormonal frenzy in a man. At the end of the collarbone and near his hairline are two points that have been practically tested and proven as trigger points. Try and work two points at the same time, as this heightens pleasure considerably. For instance, try nibbling his earlobes and caressing the nape of his neck at the same time.


The nipples are one more area which is high in sensitivity. Try caressing or licking it gently. Make it a point to tell him what you are doing, especially if it is something over-adventurous like this, else you may risk freaking him out.


Caressing his thighs will heighten pleasure to no limit. This is the perfect foreplay climax.


Make sure you follow your instinct and not a rule book while love making. Use his entire body and do not be predictable. Using lotion to massage his body is one more way you can surprise him. But these erogenous zones we have mentioned are sure to drive him crazy!

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