Essential grooming tips for men


How much ever you may think otherwise, the underlying fact is that people judge you based on how you look. You may be a talented, successful man with a lot of money, but if you dress shabbily, you will be judged that way. Judging a person on his looks is a really shallow idea, but we all tend to do it. Let us look at some tips for you to give a good first impression by grooming yourself well.


Grooming tips for men- shave

Grooming tips for men- shave

Even if you are sporting a beard or moustache, make sure that the stray hair is shaved well and your beard/moustache is shaped well. Make sure you soften your facial hair with shaving cream before you shave to ensure you don’t cut yourself, and get that close shave that will make you look neat.

Don’t skip the showers

Grooming tips for men- don't skip the shower

Grooming tips for men- don’t skip the shower

Many men go a day without taking a shower and rely on cologne to get them through a date. However, the best cologne is a clean body odour and it goes a long way in making a good impression rather than cologne.

Don’t be shaggy

Make sure you get that regular haircut to keep your hair neat and tidy. Make sure you trim the hair on your chest, ear and nose as well. Keep them in check and you will look neater than ever. If you have long hair, make sure you take care of it. Having long hair doesn’t give you the license to be messy.


Grooming tips for men- clothes

Grooming tips for men- clothes

Wear clothes that fit well, are clean and are also neatly ironed. Make sure you don’t wear the same clothes too often and also ensure they smell good. Clothes that are sweaty and unwashed leave a seriously bad impression.


Grooming tips for men- shoes

Grooming tips for men- shoes

When it comes to shoes, let it be a style statement rather than just shoes! Let your shoes be funky or sober just like you are. Invest time and money to get yourself some good pairs of shoes and it will go a long way in creating a good impression.

Take your image seriously and don’t be laidback about it. The way you perceive yourself may not always be the way others perceive you, clichéd as it sounds. Make time to look after your body well and people will make time to notice!

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