Every Guy Has A Girl Inside Him!


There are a lot of activities that are strictly meant for girls. For instance: pedicure, manicure and zumba dancing. We don’t see men visiting the parlour for waxing, do we? There are many men who consider it embarrassing to attempt any of the activities that are “exclusively meant for girls”. But truth be told, every guy hides the fact that they secretly enjoy it.

Here are some ‘girly’ activities that men will never acknowledge.

I don’t cry during movies!

Emotional movies are made with an intention – to make the audience cry. But here, apparently, it’s only the women who cry, because men hate admitting the fact that they might have actually shed a tear or two during the movie.


Pedicure? Bah! It’s nothing but a girly nakhra!

Pedicure was primarily for women; but, today there are many parlours that pamper men with a cosy session of pedicure. This wouldn’t have started without men initiating the interest, right? Be it celebrities, models or college students, many men are seen visiting parlours for waxing off unwanted hair on their body. We don’t see a valid reason why men indulging in these hygiene activities are referred to be ‘not manly enough’.

Yuck! Who uses a moisturizer?

In winter, it is common to encounter dry skin issues; and applying moisturizers is the best solution for it. But for reasons unknown, men cannot just admit the fact that they use one too. What is girly about protecting your skin from the cold winds?


I get ready in two minutes, unlike women!

Honestly, women are not the only ones who end up not knowing what to wear. All that we know is that, at the end of the day, men require a shirt and a pant to dress up. But, choosing and matching the right shirt with the best denim is a hard task for any man; and, somehow acknowledging it seems harder.

The longest I have bathed? Oh! Wait, I don’t remember

A girl needs to shampoo her tresses and condition it during her bath, which leads to her taking a longer time. Even on days when she chooses not to wash her mane, she does take a good 10 minutes inside the bathroom to bathe as girls believe in a soothing lather bath instead of a ‘run the soap on your body randomly and finish it off’ bath, like boys do. The fact is that even boys enjoy a luxurious bath, but they choose to finish off hurriedly only to show how much of a man they are!

Nah, I don’t pay much attention on my looks

Oh, please, tell me anything but not this! Actually, men are more self-obsessed than women are. There are many men who check themselves out for two minutes in the laptop screen before switching it on. Moreover, men use cameras and take selfies to know if they look fine.


So, men, don’t shy away. It’s high time you acknowledge the above.



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