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With modern day women trying to balance work and personal lives, they are left with no time to do shopping. Just like how online shopping helps people to buy stuff from the comforts of their home or office, the trend of having a shopping guide came into the market to help women with their shopping. If you have troubles trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends, hiring a shopping guide will ease your situation.

A shopping guide is a fashion expert available to assist you when you go for retail shopping. Most importantly, they ensure that you purchase stylish clothes within your budget. This concept is relatively new in India which is again adapted from the western culture. It already exists in America, and you can spot these personal shoppers mostly in shopping malls and big departmental stores where it is even free of cost at times.


Personal shopper suggesting outfits to her client

The term ‘personal shopper’ might sound elite at the first thought. “This is why it was not quite popular when the concept first came in India”, says Preeti Kalani, who was the first one to bring this idea in our country. But, this notion has been erased off over time. Today even college goers and middle-class housewives approach personal shoppers to help them shop for occasions.

You may ask why you would need a shopping guide when you can just drag a friend along for shopping; but, these people are professionals. They do a background research on your shopping preferences by taking a look at the existing clothes in your wardrobe and consider several other factors before helping you choose the best outfit.

Here are some pros and cons of personal shoppers:


  • They are well aware of the latest trends, brands and the right shops for various kinds of clothing.
  • They can help you to broaden your sense of style with various new and better options.
  • They are much better than us when it comes to alertness about sales and discounts in the retail market.


  • They don’t work free (in India). They charge you anywhere between 10 to 20 percent of your budget.
  • If you are on a limited budget, there is a possibility of a clash between the commission for your personal shopper and the bill amount of your shopping.
  • If you actually don’t like the choice suggested by your shopping guide, it will be a waste of time all the while.

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