Exercises that can revive your sex life


Stress can have serious effects on your body. Over the years, stress can leave you with a poor libido and suck out the passion from your sex life. Pregnancy, injury or plain lack of exercise can cause you to lose your core strength largely. The process of renewing this is important to revive your sex life. Here we list a few exercises that can help you restore your core strength and rejuvenate your sex life.

The plank


This exercise is the best for strengthening your core. It is a low impact exercise and builds up your upper and lower core muscles along with your shoulders. Try to work your way up to one minute of planking and you will find major changes in your core strength. This exercise also improves your body stability and posture if done correctly.

The bridge

The bridge

This exercise involves laying on your back with your feet on the ground as well and your knees at 90 degrees. Lift your buttocks in the air and bring back to original position to complete one repetition. This exercise greatly improves your core and is good for toning your buttocks as well.

The Kegel exercise


A Kegel is typically described as squeezing the muscles which stop a stream of urine. This is good for developing a rock solid core which can help prevent injury. This involves pulling in your belly button in, while in a seated position after squeezing the muscles that stop a stream of urine.

The standing diamond lift and squat


The standing diamond lift and squat involves holding your gluteus muscles tight and slightly tucking your pelvis. Stand with your heels together and feet out to 45 degrees. Now lift your heels and squeeze your legs together while bringing them down. Then stand in the same position with your heels together and feet at 45 degrees, squat down with your knees bent in a diamond shape and squeeze your legs together as you come up.

This sequence of exercises is simple to perform and it improves your sex life considerably due to its core strengthening ability.

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