Explaining the ‘bad touch’ to kids


The bad touch we are referring to is the forcing of unwanted sexual activity by a person by means of threat or coercion. When you talk about innocence, the first picture that comes alive in your head is that of a child. A child knows little about harsh realities of this world and it is our duty to educate them so that they are not taken advantage of. It is the duty of parents, elder siblings, teachers and guardians to enlighten their kids in the simplest way possible regarding sexual harassment. Listed below is a guide with the help of which you can explain ‘bad touch’ to kids:


Teach children names of all their body parts

Children often do not know about their body because they do not know certain words that we tag as ‘taboo’ words around them. It is imperative that we explain to them about their body parts, so that they have the knowledge about it. Obviously, you have to abstain from being explicit while explaining certain things to a younger child; but try and be clearer about it.

Teach children that they are the boss of their body


Let your children know that they are the boss of their bodies. They must know that if they do not like a certain way in which someone is touching them, they can say ‘please stop’. Even if it is a relative, it is necessary that they mention if they do not like something.

Explain to your kids the different kinds of touches

If you find it hard to explain different kinds of touches, here they are:

The safe touch: This is the most regular touch which does not involve discomfort. It involves hugging, a pat on the back and an arm around the shoulder.

The unsafe touch: These are touches that hurt children’s bodies or feelings. Hitting, pushing, pinching and kicking are unsafe touches.

The unwanted touch: These are touches that might be safe but the child doesn’t want it from that person or at that moment.

The bad touch: These are the touches which are unsafe, unwanted and outright harassing.

What to do in case of a bad touch:

It is crucial that the child says ‘no’ or ‘I’m not feeling comfortable’ at times like this. If this still doesn’t help, the child must shout for help. Usually, if the bad touch happens, the person doing it warns the child of dire consequences if he/she tells on them. Hence, it is essential that the parents give their child the confidence of confiding in them whenever a situation like this happens, without fear or embarrassment.

You must educate your child regarding this matter in order to ensure that there isn’t any scenario like this in their life which can hamper their mental, emotional and physical well being.

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