Eye care tips to avoid glasses


It is human tendency to ignore something that is easily available. We tend to neglect the most beautiful gift God has given us. Eyesight is so intricate and perfect that no camera in the world can match the mechanism of our eyes. We need to take more care of it. Just like every gift we receive, we need to appreciate it. Here are a few tips to avoid glasses and maintain the health of your eyes:

Beautiful Eyes


Try and make it a point to maintain a disciplined posture while reading. Take breaks every now and then. Give our eyes rest after you feel drowsy. Maintain a distance of at least 30 cms from your reading material.

Sharp objects

Try and keep sharp objects far from your eyes. Do not get in the habit of poking your eyes with random objects.

Use protective goggles

When riding a bike, handling chemicals in a lab, visiting dusty places and going out in the sun, be sure to wear protective glasses. This will protect against harmful UV rays, chemicals and dust. Be sure to invest in good quality lenses that protect against UV and are not just for style.


Do not watch television for long hours as continuous moving pictures and flickering lights can damage your eyes. This is un-natural and hazardous to the health of your eyes if overdone.


Be sure never to concentrate on anything with your eyes in dim lighting. Make sure the lighting is appropriate while reading, watching television, browsing through your cell phone or sitting in front of your computer.

Regular check ups

Make it a point to do regular eye checkups to make sure you do not need glasses because the later you go in for it, the worse the number.


Eyes are an important body part and your priority should be to take care of it with all diligence.

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