Fall-Winter Fashion Haul: The Pantsuit Is Back!


Those of you who work closely with the fashion biz would already know how fashion cycles work. But for those of you who don’t, take it from us – fashion cycles are getting shorter by the season! It seems as though it was only yesterday that dresses were an afterthought (wait…wasn’t that in the 90s?) Anyways when it comes to fashion, more women are opting for the custom-made tailored clothes to comfortably strut their stuff in. Let me ask you, what is the most comfortable outfit that you can think of? The pantsuit of course! Finding the perfect pant and jacket to wear to almost any occasion was Coco Channel’s idea when she first invented this outfit for us back in the ‘30s. And it gets me really excited to tell you that pantsuits are back!

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Seeing that creative dressing and individualism is what rules the present fashion world, here are a few ideas straight from our Bollywood divas, to help you rock your pantsuit this season:




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