Falling In And Out Of Love Too Fast!


They say “love makes the world go ’round”. So let’s talk about love today. Honestly, I do not have anything new to say about love, I mean everything has already been said or done almost in every part of the world. But there is one thing that I have noticed all along as I grew – that some people keep falling in and out of love too fast. I really do not understand how that is possible! And trust me when I say, I’ve seen a hell lot of relationships in my life (not mine of course! I’m a one-man-woman). But when you are the local agony aunt, who everybody comes to with their broken hearts and salty rivers flowing from their eyes straight on your shoulders, you know you’ve seen a lot.

When a partner falls out of love, it's often difficult for the other person to belive how fast it happened

When a partner falls out of love, it’s often difficult for the other person to belive how fast it happened

Recently, a lady came to me with her story of how her boyfriend left her and found someone else, and I was thinking “What am I gonna say to her?” I had nothing left to say, because everything had been said a million times (and usually fallen on deaf ears). Anyway, coming back to the topic at hand, how do people manage to jump from one relationship to another without giving themselves or their significant others, time to stabilize their emotions? Especially so, when you claimed to be ‘truly in love’. Talking for myself, love is not a feeling as most people tend to define it. It’s much deeper than that. If you were able to feel emotionally attached to a person regardless of their flaws and sooner or later, the attachment faded away only to find place in another person; I’m sorry my friend, that’s not called love… it’s called attraction!

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When you love a person dearly, some people opine that you disregard their flaws and faults because you ‘love them’. I differ from this view. For me, if you love a person truly, you love them with every molecule of your existence. You don’t disregard their flaws, but you tend to love their flaws too! So if they say that ‘nobody is perfect so let’s love the imperfect’, I’d beg to differ again. (Sorry I differ a lot; and my loved ones do point that out to me at times) Anyway, I do believe that nobody is born perfect, but that’s exactly why love never ceases to exist. Because love is what completes us and makes us perfect. Even if we love ourselves or another person, love makes everything perfect. So if you or your partner falls in love with a third person days or weeks after a breakup, (no offense though) probably love wasn’t part of your relationship.

Love is not just emotional attachment but letting yourself be completely vulnerable with your partner

Love is not just emotional attachment but letting yourself be completely vulnerable with your partner

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I find it extremely surprising how some of my friends meet a person, and after a week they know they are ‘in love’ with them, only to realize after a few months that it’s not ‘working out’; and before you know it, they’ve met someone else! At times I feel sorry for them, but other times I feel that’s what governs their lives, jumping (relation) ships probably seems okay to them. I wonder if they’d be able to respect the auspicious institution of marriage. But that’s another argument… For now, let’s just enjoy this lovely, bright and sunny day that our Creator has blessed us with. So long!

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